Tuesday, 27 May 2014

You Are Always On Your Mobile

Its Day 7! I am officially halfway through Pinterest fortnight! (And yes I do wish it had just been Pinterest week!) Todays craft is another baby one, but more shockingly it's actually coming to you at a reasonable hour of the day! No rushing for me today, Its already Finished! And I've nearly finished tomorrows as well! Honestly if you could see the smug look on my face right now , you would want to punch me!
But enough of punching me in the face! Here we go! We have three inspirations today!
A very adorable baby mobile from Here, I cant believe how simple but stunning this is!
How many animals?! I here you say, but don't worry I'm not an over achiever I didn't make this many animals! Although if anybody has made one of these please let me know where you get your patience from and send me over a bottle! This beauty can be found Here.
And lastly we have this one from Here on Etsy but sadly it is no longer available but there are lots more lovely things in the shop! 
Now if you haven't already realised todays projects is a baby mobile! I decided to base mine on my signature animal , OWLS! And just to warn you these owls include sequins. This make was literally a sparkle fest from beginning to end!
I apologise for the pictures I couldn't find anything to hang it off , so I had to settle for a door handle! All the owls bar two are also facing the wrong way!
Because of the beads on the strings, the owls spin around sort of by themselves and in light breeze, or if you move near it. I have been told this is something to do with physics? But I prefer to think of it as crafty magic!
Each of the owls is completely different! They have sequin and bead eyes and other bead details and some even have embroidered wings!
They also have little hearts on there tummies, I wish I had taken a picture of them all lined up before a sewed them on! Then you could see the variety of personalities!
Everything was hand stitched, my sewing machine has stayed firmly under its cover! And the string were hand knotted to keep everything firmly in place.
It's also quite easy to untangle, I learnt this the hard way after leaving it in my workbag.
Just spotted and actual pin board at the back of this picture! Coincidence? I think not!
All in all I LOVE it , I can see many more of these cropping up around the place, it was such a relaxing make! And its always nice to know that there isn't another one quite like it in the world! I'm hoping to pop this up in my Etsy shop as soon as I have a spare moment.
See you tomorrow for the second half of Pinterest fortnight! What will I do with myself when its over? Probably allow myself to recover I'm dreaming of pins, felt, wool and sequins!!
Much Love

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