Thursday, 31 July 2014

Busy Little Bum Bum Bee

I'm sure to the outside world and to anybody who reads this I'm looking pretty darn lazy right now. I bet your all picturing me sat on my bottom eating biscuits, drinking tea and watching project runway marathons. Well your wrong! Sort of.
I have been sat down, I have been drinking tea and yes I might have dunked the odd biscuit or two three four packet. And project runway hasn't left my telly for a loooonnnnnng time! but its all for a good cause!
I've been working on two custom orders! (yes two!) As well as trying to prepare for this craft fair! To say I've been busy would be an under statement! Today is the first day I've found enough time to blow dry my hair after my shower, And not just leave it to dry in a bun! Which usually results in a curly mope of hair that resembles the love child of Diana Ross and Russell Brand.
Anyway it feels like its been ages since I've posted anything I've made recently! And I'm afraid you were nearly out of luck today as well! Until I remembered a painting that I started last week!
Growing up Star Wars was religion in our house, we even had the Gold Edition box set on vhs, yeah we were that good! The boy down the road only had the silver!
Any I knew that sooner or later I was going to end up doing a star wars related piece and this guy popped out at me when I was searching through one of my books. This is just the beginning phase i'm hoping that when i'm finished he's going to look really awesome, I'm hoping to go for a sort of illustration feel!
Other than that, and my custom orders (cannot wait to tell you about these! but mums the word for the moment!) I've added two new items to my Etsy shop!!!!
My voodoo Doll Plushie! - £7.50 
Blue Tit on Branch, watercolour and Ink Illustration - £8.00
Both of these items can be found on my Etsy Page (there a link on the right hand side of this page) And both come with gift wrapping as standard.
For anybody who doesn't know what the gift wrapping looks like here's one I did recently!
Much Love

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

This Is The Place Projects Come To Die....

Me and Little Knitwit popped over to my mommas yesterday, she's very kindly been storing my fabric collection but I'd decided that if I actually want to make a go of this whole, handmade seller thing, than I need a little more fabric to work with.

We had a really nice time we got to reminisce about my Grandmas fabrics, and decide what my Momma would continue to store and what would be coming home with me. And little Knitwit was perfectly content to sit on the floor and play cars whilst Granny and Mummy went through the boxes.

And boy did we find some things! The nicest thing by far was finding the three metres of brown suit material that my Grandmother had brought to make my Grandad a suit with. She didn't get around to it, so I think I'll be using that to make myself a nice dress as a tribute to them both.

We found my Mums bridesmaid dress from my Aunties wedding. (pictures will follow in a later post) Which I had cut the sleeves off to turn into a strappy maxi dress. Incidentally all the bridesmaid dresses were made by my Aunty and Nan! And it is really nicely made!

But we also found some other things, some things I'm very ashamed of. We found a project graveyard. Bags, dresses, random pieces of fabric that belong to something somewhere! All that had been sat waiting to be finished for a REALLY long time.

- Please feel free to read this next section with the "24" beep in your head

The following projects were made between 2008 and 2014 .... bip bip bip bip
Warning - the following projects were made without a pattern, just a scissor happy teenager.
Playsuit/Beach cover up
Fabric - Recycled maxi dress
I told my mum this is a beach cover up but I'm fairly sure that the exhibitionist teenager in me was just planning to wear it out in public and not on the beach!
Will I finish it? - Yeah probably I like a lot of the features and style, it's not too badly made, I think I can neaten things up a bit, and I'll probably have to make it a bit more modest!
Pleated and Tucked Open Backed Shirt.
Fabric - Vintage gifted to me by my Nan.
Okay I'll be honest when I saw this I felt a swell of pride that my younger self had managed this. You can't tell on the pictures because of the print, but its made up using a series of tucks and darts and pleats, it,s actually really interesting. The exposed back might have been a bit of bad decision but I really like what I was going for. However it is really badly made, awful! There's pleats in the seams and hems and the button holes are unthinkable! So I'm thinking it will get finished but it's going to take a hell of a lot of work, and possibly a dress makers mannequin!
Lace Maxi Dress
Fabric - Oh lord forgive me, Net Curtains (clean ones) and cotton backing.
I don't really know what to say about this to be honest. It looks better in person? But then again the do say the camera never lies? I like the silhouette and the some of the features like that long metal zip. I don't know I'll have to mull it over a bit more. It really didn't photograph well, I'm not sure the camera knew where to focus.
And that your lot! It really was quite a strange experience! It's hard to believe that what feels like a million years ago, these were to projects I was focusing on, but not finishing!
So its be honest time! How many projects do you have in your graveyard?
Much Love

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Hybrid.9 Tshirt Re-Vamp

Does anyone remember the album artwork I did for Hybrid.9?
Well I also did a revamp on one of their band t-shirts ages ago, I just hadn't gotten around to blogging about it yet because its always either on my body or in the wash. When I was given my t-shirt it was a size xxl, so it was a lil big! to say the least.
It was a basic t-shirt shape with the logo on the front and nothing on the back.
I started off by browsing Pinterest looking a t-shirt revamps for inspiration. If anybody is looking to get into sewing and fashion and isn't really confident on a sewing machine, I would definitely recommend starting with a t-shirt revamp because so much can be done by just cutting and a little bit of hand sewing!
The only request that my sister whos married to a member of the band requested was that I try and keep most of the fabric, I think it was a polite way of saying I don't want my baby sister wandering round with just the logo across her boobs and not a lot else on!
This is what it ended up looking like, and I literally got rid of seams that was it!
Photos taken by Momma Knitwit in her beautiful garden.
I kept the front simple and just cut a slightly lower neck and chopped off the sleeves.
 And then I sliced and plaited the entire back, I have no idea how I managed it, I know I was worried at one point that they wouldn't reach across but luckily strips of t-shirt stretch when you pull them. The only thing I had to be really careful about was how many strips I cut so I'd have enough for plaiting and none left over. And that meant that I need all the material the back had to offer! Haha Big Sister!
I used the material from the sleeves to bring the shoulder seams together and I criss crossed all my plaits using the under over method.
I love it! I usually wear a vest top underneath during the day to keep it a bit more modest and to make sure I don't get any trampy momma comments, But if I'm wearing it too a gig I usually don't bother with the vest top, which works out quite well because it means I have my own ventilation system for hot and sweaty gig rooms!
All in all it one of my best revamps! But it was really nerve racking to do! mainly because my brother in law (who's in the band) was nice enough to give me the t-shirt for free. So I definitely didn't want to screw up!
But I think its cool enough and rock and roll enough! And you can see the logo!
Much Love
And Rock On!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Party People

Does anyone remember my Moustache Bag? The one that I made during Pinterest week?
Well apart from one very indulgent selfie moment that ended up on twitter (I'm not a selfie kind of girl but this bag just begs to have silly pictures taken) It hasn't actually seen a lot of action.
Probably because I haven't seen a lot of action recently (Oi you in the back keep it clean) But I did get the opportunity to go out a while back to a very good friends 21st birthday party! And I did actually say I would put up a picture of me using it here. So better late than never here's how I wore it.
Prepare yourself not only am I using my "I'm so happy that I haven't had to deal with somebody else's bodily functions for a good two hours face" I am also very very pale, not pale and interesting, not porcelain doll looking. Just really really pale.
Okay so in a very fashion way
  • Tartan Jacket - New Look (years ago I think I was about 14/15 when I brought this)
  • Dress - Primark (I actually burnt the collar this week ironing it, as if I need more proof that I shouldn't iron)
  • Tights - god knows my mum probably brought them, all I know is they are ladder proof!!!
  • Hat - Vintage (My mum brought it for my brother, but I looked better in it, so I won!)
  • Purse! - I made that!
As another point my friend here happens to be a very talented guitar player so I'll let him close with one of my favourite songs. You can also find him here.
Much Love

Friday, 25 July 2014

It Is Done

It's still hot! I definitely think were edging into heat wave territory! Although taking Little Knitwit to run some errands in the city was not as much fun because of the heat!
Simply put this happened -
  • Go to put fuel in car - very busy - fist fight and slanging match on forecourt. (not me! two other people)
  • Got to Hanley - made wrong turning had to use another car park.
  • Five minutes into shopping trip entire sole comes off my shoe (from out of nowhere!) - quick trip to Primark to find replacement shoes.
  • get things we need to get.
  • Go get lunch! Eat lunch.
  • Little Knitwit decides to do a wee that would call for Noah to get the ark back out - clothes soaked - back to Primark for dry clothes - get dry clothes - Two escalators and a lift broken at Primark - hour long queue to get to ground floor using only working lift.
  • Traffic on way home!
All I can say is it was an eventful day!
These are the new shoes. They were pretty comfy at the beginning but then my feet swelled up, the only shame is I know I could have done that pattern on an old pair!
But I did get home and set right to work finishing the beading on my Indian owl embroidery! And its done!
I tried not to over do it and I think I've succeeded, it is obviously not going to be a children's cushion its going to be the kind of cushion you display and ask people politely not to touch!
Definitely pleased with how it turned out! And I'm really enjoying doing the more textured work at the moment!
Before and after beading.
So all in all, not a terrible day today, although I didn't get to visit my favourite fabric shop in Hanley Abakan's. Although its probably a good job I couldn't find time because I'd still be there now!!!
Much Love
P.S for those of you who are wondering, yes I'm blogging in my pants again! and I'm not the only one who does it! x

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

This is the problem with England either you've got two jumpers and three pairs of socks on because it's freezing or it's so hot your blogging in your pants (I'll leave it up to you whether or not you want that visual, I've not opted for a picture moment!) Although its actually a bikini and one of Mr.Knitwits slightly bigger shirts!
But my lord it is hot! And don't get me wrong I am loving the sunshine even if me and Little Knitwit are more greased up than a Christmas turkey from all of the sun cream we've been having to use! There's only one problem.
Boredom is setting in. There are only so many times mummy can bounce on a trampoline and play football! Momma wants something new to do! Enter Pinterest!!!!
This is definitely happening I'm hitting the pound shop asap to find some cheap water pistols!!!

credit -
 And I love this idea something to keep him nice and cool in the garden!
I'm going to try this but I'm not sure how Lil Knitwit will react, he's not a huge fan of being dirty so it might end up being more of a crying session!
I never remember being bored in the summer, my Momma always had things to do planned, drawing outside with chalk, baking, paddling pool!
Other than Pinterest searching I've been flitting between knitting and beading. Knit till hand are sore, bead till back is sore! I'm sure that physiatrists would say that crafting until you are in pain is the first sign of addiction. They would probably be right. I have some orders to fill so that's the knitting, and the beading is on my Indian owl embroidery which I hope to have finished tonight so I can show it to you all tomorrow. Spoiler it looks awesome!
Right I'm off to get some beauty sleep I'm having a day with my niece and nephew tomorrow so I'll need my energy!
Much Love

Monday, 21 July 2014

Whats New Pussy Cat?

Just to let you all know I've added another item to my Etsy shop!!! I'm
actually starting to enjoy Etsy a bit more now, I've joined some teams and I'm learning how to use it slowly but surely! I'm a bit slow when it come to technology but I'm getting there!
But here's my kitty cat doorstop!
Its got an Alley cat sort of vibe! and has some really cute details like , button eyes a felt collar and pipe cleaner whiskers!
As usual I've filled it with rice for weight! The rest if toy stuffing!
I've listed it for £13.50 so pop on over and have a looksy!
Much Love

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Beady Eyes

Yesterday between looking after the boys and trying to motivate myself to start the beading on my Indian owl. (As well as trying to finish my knitting) I actually managed to have a quick play around with my watercolours.

He's definitely not my best work, for starters I always tend to work better on a larger scale but I've  fallen in love with illustrations on book pages after stumbling upon some on pinterest. I also did it in five minutes using a postage stamp sized picture on my phone as an image to work from.

But I actually kind of like him, I think he's got a certain something. And I love his big old beady eyes!

This is probably just me being optimistic about him though, I can already hear the voices of art teachers past telling me to bin it and start on something fresh!
Which I might just do (not the binning part) the starting fresh part, it's been ages since I've had a go at painting. I'm thinking something of the large scale variety, possibly on canvas. And to be honest I am quite liking the idea of doing an owl! Just need to get myself a canvas now and to get my bum into gear.

Speaking of getting my bum into gear I have a list of things to do as long as my arm!
  • finish current knitting project for etsy.
  • finish patchwork quilt (lord give me the strength to actually complete this project!)
  • aprons to be sewn
  • needle books to be made
  • beading on Indian owl to be started/completed
  • all embroidery projects to be turned into cushions
The list goes on and on and on!
It seems every time something's finished something else rears its ugly head!
Much Love

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Indian Inspiration

For those of you who don't know, I used to be part of a belly dance group. ( And for those of you who are giggling right now, shush! You haven't had a good time unless you've decked yourself out in glitter and sequins and let all your jiggly bits have a good old wiggle around!)
I loved dancing in that group, and my Momma still does. And although I used Indian patterns as inspiration for this piece, I like to think that the lovely ladies I used to dance with provided me with a greater source of inspiration in the wise eyes of the owl. Strong women, who dance and have fun and don't care what other people think. The best kind of women.
Without further ado here's my strong, wise owl.
I used traditional style henna patterns as inspiration for the patterns.
Worked it all on white cotton, with embroidery silks using my grandmothers embroidery hoop.
I mixed it up a little a the bottom, I didn't want it to be too symmetrical. sometimes you've just have to ignore the balance of things.
I tried to stick to quite rustic colours and jewel tones, (I'm going to post on how I keep my colours balanced and even in a later post.)
Those scalloped edges look pretty, but boy they took me ages to sew!
I thought I was finished until I thought about those lovely ladies again, and realised it needed some sparkle! So that's what I'll be doing tonight, squinting at tiny beads trying not to spill them all over the floor!  
Much Love
Have a giggle have a wiggle!