Monday, 5 May 2014

Bigger is not always Better

A little while ago I went through a stuffed toy obsession, I lusted over pictures of knitted , sewn and crocheted toys (mainly the crocheted ones! one day I will grasp the idea of only holding one needle in my hand) I pinned images and read patterns till I was blue in the face. But in my own particular style I wanted something quick, easy and hassle free, which is when I came across this little beauty . I'm not sure where is from its just popped up on my pinterest feed one day and I couldn't resist giving it ago. This is my version.
Lil bunny (just noticed that stray piece of wool)
I loved him! I mean who wouldn't! he's so tiny and adorable, I used about 30 stitches, very fine wool and tiny needles. it was just my kind of project quick easy , no complications just knit sew and then make a pompom!
But then I had a brain wave (I should really try and tame those) what if I made it bigger? Used bigger needles and thick wool? Basically made a larger toy , suddenly the snug crafter inside me was imagining giving these as gifts at baby showers and birthdays , so I tried it.  
Evil Bunny! Coming to a cinema near you
Definitely less cute, in fact in some lights it just looked down right scary! And it was large, about the size of a small football and the pompom was huge! Maybe he was too big, maybe the wool was to stiff maybe it was the dead bunny cross eyes I decided to add but I'm inclined to believe that's it was because it was so darn big! little things are cute but this! This was definitely not cute! In fact in fairly sure he's going to be cast in a horror movie any day now! 
Well what can I say, sometimes ideas don't work , and I can quite safely say I wont be giving any of these to small children anytime soon . I wouldn't want to give them nightmares!
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