Hi I'm Frankie, 

I'm Currently a stay at home mum to a small boy and I make a LOT of stuff!!!

I've been knitting, painting and sewing for as long as I can remember and I have always enjoyed sharing my passion with others! I have no official training or qualifications , so I've learnt from the school of mistakes. There have been days when I've wanted to throw my sewing machine out of the window and I've definitely had the days where every time I count a row of stitches it comes out as a new number! 

I hope you enjoy reading about my projects , the good and the bad! the failures and the successes!

I love trying new products and I'm happy to run discounts and giveaways of products for my readers. I can also write honest reviews of fabric, patterns or other sewing bits and bobs that i think my readers would enjoy and benefit from knowing about. However please remember that all reviews are 100% honest and have to fit into my schedule as a Mummy of a small boy. I also write tutorials if I feel my style and the style of the product match.

  I'm interested in many different aspects of sewing and creating so if you have a project you'd like to work with me on you can reach me at:




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