Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Once, twice , three times a sleepy lady!

You remember not long ago I made myself my first pair of Margot pyjamas from love a first stitch? Well in an effort to really perfect my sewing I made another two pairs after that! both with variations! so without further ado ladies and gentlemen, please prepare yourself for some awkward posing and some props! Oh yeah its not just my awkward mug, its props as well! Id also like to apologise that you don't get a full view, but me and my tripod were having a bit of a row!

So grab a glass of wine, sit down and enjoy the ride! Go on have a giggle on me!

Here's my original pair! and no I haven't just woken up I thought the timer wasn't working! And here's Ted, if you haven't watched the Ted movie watch it! Its amazing and yeah it makes me cry!
Pair No.2
Is that an actual brew? Ill let you decide? But Frankie where's you hand?
Why its in my pocket! Yeah I made pockets! (smiles smugly) You can put things in them and everything!
Pair No.3
Short version, these don't have pockets but their still pretty darn sweet! Super awkward pose here!
This is snowy! I've had him since I was a little girl! we are inseparable! He's getting a little old now though, so don't be surprised if there's a post on here one day about me having to sew his head back on, he's got quite the floppy neck at the moment!

Anyway that's enough awkward poses for one day! But be prepared I've been doing a LOT of refashioning recently!

right I'm off to bed in pair No.2!

Much Love



Monday, 29 September 2014


Does anybody else binge read blogs? I do , every time I find a new blog I read as many post as I can physically manage in one sitting. Which is what I've done with "re fashionista" after reading a few (50) posts I thought I better take a good look at my own wardrobe. And then the purging began. 

I set myself rules, anything I hadn't worn didn't go back into the wardrobe, anything stained or holey? Bin! 

It did mean though that I ended up with some things that could do with a bit of refashioning , I started with this. 

Which I'd already refashioned once it used to have poofy sleeves and a large lace collar but I took them off ages ago just becuase they seem to get in the way and it made me look like I was a five-year-old. 

Sadly though it still wasn't getting worn, in the end I took a good look at it and decided the reason I wasn't wearing it was because I hated the elastic around the waist it was making  me feel constricted and it was just too uncomfortable.

I'm so out it came! 

Hey look there's a tent! I decided I didn't like the idea of having another tent style dress so , what I actually wanted to do was give it a high front and a Low back however I I'm screwed up a little tiny bit and ended up just being a level top in sort of a trapeze style! 

 I didn't hem lining because it's the type of fabric that doesn't Fray and I only turned over the gauzy hem once becuase I didn't want to loose to much more length after my high low hem accident! Instead I ran the open flame of a lighter along the exposed edges and let the bit that might fray melt a bit. (This is the laziest type of hemming I do! ) 

Warning though: always do a test on a peice of scrap as it only works on man made fabrics I.e fabrics that have a little plastic in! 

And open a window the first time I used this technique was on a stage costume and I flame , de frayed 24 seams. Let's just say the pink elephants didn't leave till a week later! 

I guess this counts as a top tip! Ooh rant I posh! 

Much love 



Sunday, 28 September 2014

When bad crafts happen to good people...

I'd like to sit here and pretend that the sewing and knitting gods smile on everything I make and that everything's perfect. But that would be a massive lie, since I've started blogging i would say at least 30% of my projects don't make it to the blog purely because they go hideously wrong. 

Now over the last week I've been feeling a little low (I think I was just tired after everything that's been going on) but seen as I'm feeling a bit more sparkly at the moment I thought I'd try and put a smile on everyone's face , just in case someone out there is feeling similar to how I felt last week. 

Right so on with the giggles, just before the craft fair, after a glass of wine and a browse on Pinterest, I decided I needed a stuffed toy for the fair, something for the kiddies. I decided to do a bunny rabbit complete with ears and tail, the wine in me decided my quickly knocked up pattern was fine and the optimist inside me (who was also on the sauce) thought it was all a wonderful idea. 

This is what came out.... 

Needless to say I immediately private messaged an image to my mum and sister and some rather blue jokes followed. 

Yes it looks like something from Ann summers and if you can't see that, your more innocent than I am! 

I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's easy to believe that the people behind the blogs we read actually have these perfect little lives , free from drama and mistakes. But that's not true. Not everyone makes perfect projects everytime , so if you do screw up, please don't feel bad! 

I hope my little rabbit gave you a good giggle , I'm still not sure how I managed to produce something so rude looking from such lovely foral fabric! 

Much love



P.s and please feel free to direct all lewd humour to the comments box! 

Saturday, 27 September 2014


For those of you that don't know me, when I turned 18 I worked in one of my home towns local pubs. I didn't really get the job so much as fall into it, I had no experience, no c.v and no interview. In fact the only reason I did my first shift was because one of the regular barmaids had called in sick, and the reason I kept the job? She ended up quitting and they needed someone to fill in her Monday night shift. And so my barmaid career started! As it goes I was a fairly awful barmaid , my boss once told me I needed to smile more or wear lower cut tops. I'm not proud of my decision.
Anyone who's worked at a popular bar on the weekends will tell you it's like a workout, there's beer, fights, police, tears aswell as barrels that need changing. The Monday nights however were quiet and pretty awesome.
Aside from the few walkers and tourists I had pop in I had my regulars, some if the best people I knew. They were all friends and took me right under their wings , I thought they'd forgotten all about me, until one if them contacted me and asked for an owl! 

Something brown and fluffy! 

It turned out adorable , and as it goes it's going to be called "little Frankie" 

Really makes me miss my regulars if I worked it out I probably spent about 220 hours with those fun and kind people! 

This incidentally was brought by Mr Guinness, (whiskey on weekends).

Much love

And nostalgia



Friday, 26 September 2014

Margot pyjamas

Today I finally finished my margot pyjamas from The tilly and the buttons book love that first stitch. I thought after making my other pyjamas from no pattern that this would be the easiest task in the entire world. however I realised something, I do not do well with rules or with steps or with being told what to do. When I made my pyjamas I had the freedom to experiment and Do what I wanted but for this I told myself I was going to use the pattern and do it properly and I think that's where my problem started. 

 The whole cutting out process went really really well although you can't really tell if this parts gone badly until you start sewing. stitching up the inside and outside legs I had no problems, I had a few problems with the crotch but that's mainly because it I inherited my mothers bottom. 

I did however have a problem when I started to make the channel for the drawstring to go through, for some reason when I folded my channel over it bobbled and didn't look right. I ended with pleats all over the place so after un picking it and lobbing off about 2 cm it finally folded over without looking like a complete mess! 

I had no problems with making the actual drawstring or with hemming the bottoms of the pyjamas. 

I won't show you a picture of me in them purely because I do not look like Tilly in hers who looks like this! 

Now the idea of using this book was to make one piece according to the original instructions and pattern and one variation of each pattern however seen as these didn't turn out, quite as nicely as I wanted them to, I think I'm going to make another version of the original pattern and then possibly do an altered version! 

I wasn't going to but then I realised that all my pyjama bottoms are starting to get a bit tatty so I might as well make myself some nice new pairs without spending any money! 

HURRAY for handmade! 

Much love 



Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Want not waste not

I don't like throwing things away, in fact if I didn't live with mr Knitwit I'm fairly sure I'd be one of those people who see on obsessive compulsive cleaners (not the one with the Hoover, the one with 7 cats and a million books and a broken teapot) 

Mr Knitwit is forever telling me to throw things away, however when he gave me this empty whiskey tin I couldn't throw it away! Not when it's perfect sewing bin size! 

I've been needing a little bin for ages so I'm dead chuffed that I can repurpose this! 

Also pictured are my sylko pin cushion , I think these must have been part of a giveaway at some point , my mum, nan, grandma and neighbour all had one ! Does anyone know where they came from? Either way it's a cracking pin cushion! 

And then there's my foral scissors , an old friend brought these for me when I was making costumes for a school production. I was forever loosing scissors and she thought having a brightly coloured pair might help! Sadly we've lost touch but I've still got my scissors so her theory must have been right! 

Other than this repurposing triumph the rest if the day hasn't been successful sewing wise, I'm having some trouble with my margot pj bottoms , specifically the channel thingy! I'm not sure if I've screwed the pattern of if the patterns screwed me but either way something's gone bum up! (Probably me )

I'm going to try and tackle it tommorrow and them SUPER careful with my next pair!

Much love 



Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Feeling smug!

I'd like to start off by saying

My house is clean! During lil knitwits nap today I decided to give the house a this going over (usually I sew!) just thought I'd let you all know, it's kinda like when people post on Facebook that they've been to the gym. So status update : house is clean! 

Now back to buisness , it's not very often I buy things online. I'm a bit scared of the internet to be honest, I'm 22 but I'm still convinced it's full of pedophiles and con artists. ( and to be honest it is) so usually if I'm going to buy something I run if by mr Knitwit because he's far more tech savvy than I am. But this time I didn't! I put in my big girl panties and bagged myself a deal. A deal on what you ask? 


Heart shaped wooden buttons! £0.45

Star shaped wooden buttons! £0.39

Small flower shaped buttons! £0.44

And small round gingham and spotted buttons! £0.39 

And the postage was free! These are all wooden buttons with cute prints on! And the buttons are large enough to be actually used as functioning/decorative buttons. I can't believe how lovely they are! 

I ordered them on the 4th of September and they came on the 20th September so the delivery time isn't to bad to say its free! If you'd like to snag your own button bargains! (Perfect for paper and stitch crafts ) you can find them on amazon and they are sold by FT-DEALS I think although there seems to be quite a few sellers! 

I should also mention that I haven't been asked to write this review by the seller. In fact they probably think I'm just another adress to ship to! I just thought I'd give my honest opinion on something I treated myself to (but if they do want to send some buttons my way, you won't hear me complaining!) 

Other than that I've been sewing up my first pair of margot pjs! From love at first stitch! Although I have had to unpick the crotch seam due to my rather large bottom (curse you mother) hopefully when it's re sewn they'll be a lil less snug! 

Seen any sewing bargins recently? 

Much love



Sunday, 21 September 2014

Princess Brigette

First of all I'd like to apologise if any if this post makes no sense, I woke up this morning with a neck that felt like the entire England rugby team had run up and down it, whilst tackling rhinos. I don't know if I've slept on it funny or if it's just another side effect of being an incredibly tense person but either way it hurts like the devil and I've lost my hot water bottle. 

But in the plus side I finished my first TWO! Love at first stitch projects! YAY! As promised I'm starting at the beginning and doing one original and one variation of each pattern. So without further ado here's my Brigette scarf! 

I followed the instructions to the letter and I actually think it's pretty cute, and it's a good scarf length. 

I'm actually pretty proud of the top stitching on this , it's pretty darn even! 

Now for my variation! Which I'm lovingly calling the "princess" Brigette! 

I decided I wanted to do a scalloped edged version (the inspiration came from the scalloped edge Lilou dress!) so I cut the pattern, and then found an appropriate glass to draw my scallops. (And yes that is a whiskey glass)

After all my scallops were drawn I opted to pin each scallop individually for sewing.

If anyone I'd wondering why there's a penny in with my pins it's because my grandma used to say that if you have a penny in with pins you won't prick your fingers! 

After I pinned, I started sewing! This took me much longer than I thought it would! Scallops are hard! Then before I turned it inside out I clipped all of the edges so I would get a neat edge. Then I had to get my iron out, I gave it a really good iron . And I mean a REALLY good iron! 

And yes that is my kitchen work top. I hate ironing and I feel bad if I get the board out and then don't actually iron any clothes, hence no board no guilt! 

And voila! Princess Brigette! 

Have you done any pattern variations? 

Much love 



Saturday, 20 September 2014

Bless em, they're not as dim as they look

As promised I thought I'd share my sewing related birthday presents! 

First and foremost! I got a rotary cutter and mat! 

I already love it, and have no idea how I survived without out it! Even if mr Knitwit does refer to it as the fabric pizza cutter! This present is all thanks the mummy and daddy, and it came with a bundle of Christmas fat quarters aswell!

I also got this lil book on styling vintage! (Big sister always finds the best books!) and I've already read it cover to cover! I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who likes playing around with vintage looks! 

Momma and daddy Knitwit also added to my book collection with this beauty about vintage fashion! I'm a firm believer that you can never have too many books about clothes, or well books for that matter! I think this is what's called a coffee table book? But I tend to refer to them as mummy time books! 

And it has beautiful full colour images! 

And mr Knitwit really outdid himself book wise! 

I'm a massive marvel nerd so this book pushes my buttons in all the right ways ( anyone who thinks superheroes pushing your buttons is wierd obviously hasn't seen Hugh jackman as wolverine) and due to the HUGE amount if illustrations I think I'm going to be seeing some marvel based embroideries in my future! 

And my last sewing related gift (I got a lot of none sewing related gifts as well including the pikichu onsie I shared yesterday) this is the one I hinted for, it's basically the one I demanded. And it's the one that lovely big sister and brother in law got me! 

Tada! I got it! Yay! Love at first stitch now resides at my house! YAY! 

Now so I don't get over excited and storm in all guns blazing here's what I plan to do! The projects are set out in order of difficulty, perfect for beginners like me who are just learning to make clothes "properly". So I'm going to start at the beginning and work my way through! And the plan is to do one version as the book states, and one variation, so by the end I should have two versions of each piece ! (And after I've finished , which I'm determined I will ! I'm going to treat myself to the coco pattern! But only after I'm finished! ) 

I'm really hoping this book will give me a better knowledge if dress making! 

Now the first project is the Bridgette scarf, so keep your eyes peeled for the original version in all it's glory and my altered style! 

Much love



Friday, 19 September 2014

How do you describe a walnut, without saying its a nut?

I haven't been a bad blogger! I promise! Last Monday was my birthday and that very same day mr Knitwit , lil Knitwit , the in laws and the grand in laws made our way down to centreparcs for a little holiday! 

It was lovely! And here follows my lil review of centreparcs Sherwood Forest! 

Accommodation I really can't fault it, we stayed in a villa , and it was lovely and clean , we had two toilets and a separate shower room! And all the bedrooms were spacious! 

Food a lot of people say it's very pricey , but we didn't think it was too bad , and everywhere we ate was lovely, there was also a good selection of kids options

You can also have takeaway delivered to your accommodation! A bonus if your two year old has decided to worlds ending or just because your a bit peckish!

The grounds safe, well laid out and peaceful! Everything is based around a central village , but there are trees everywhere. And more nature than you can shake a stick at! Fish, birds, rabbits and that many squirrels that little Knitwit lost interest in them! 

Activities, we tried....
Bowling, very reasonably priced and great fun for the whole family! 

Swimming, I like this the best! And because the pool is open till 9.00 pm me and mr Knitwit popped back for a second swim later on. Although I warn you later in the pool becomes a bit of an adults playground ! In general that tropical paradise had, two slides, one big slide (awesome) and a rapids slide aswell as a wave pool and hot tubs! 

We also did miniature golf , which safely I got no pictures of! 

And lil Knitwit and daddy even managed to sneak in a game of squash!

All in all? We all had a lovely time , and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to holiday in this country we had a blast! There's a lot for kids and everything is clean including all of the toilets! And kids changing rooms! 

Wowser! 10/10! 

Now back to the best bit! My birthday! Prepare yourself for a sewing related, birthday haul post! I was spoiled rotten! 

But here's a preview

Seriously don't know how I've survived this long without a pikichu onsie! 

Oh and I also got this little guy at centreparcs 

Another owl for the collection! 

Much love 



Sunday, 14 September 2014

First craft fair tips!

Okay so after my very first craft fair! I thought I'd add to the wealth of knowledge that's on the internet (most of which I read!) and add my own thoughts! 

1: be prepared 

Everyone says this and I thought I had a pretty good handle in things, I wrote a list of every item I had and priced everything individually! I started looking at what I actually had made a week in advance and surprised myself by how much I actually had made! 

2: make sure people know it's handmade

I whacked a massive sign on my stall that said everything was handmade! 

3: make sure people know what your selling 

I screwed up with two items here a bit , people thought my tutus were decoration and nobody was really sure what my needle books were! 

4: pack your transport the night before and leave in plenty of time! 

The fair started at 10am and I got up at 7am! This gave me a good hour to do my hair and makeup and get to the venue (and schedule a quick trip home to pick up the keys for my mums!) 

5: have everything you need on hand! 

I left enough time to get to my mums to pick up a table , but stupidly picked up mr knitwits car keys instead of my own so I had to go back and get them! 

6: price items clearly! 

A lot of people don't like asking for prices and it meant I wasn't embarrassed by faces if shock at my higher priced items. 

7: have a wide price range! 

My highest priced item was £20 which was my hand embroidered cushions

But I also had some £2.00 items! Some people just like to buy a lil something to support handmade! 

8: know your table size and do a test run! 

I didn't do this and spent most of the days before worrying that I would have to much or little stock for my table! 

9: order things you need in time!!!! 

My cushion inserts arrived the day before!  This prompted some VERY! Speedy sewing! 

10: be friendly with customers

A lot like to ask questions so answer as many as you can, and remember to SMILE! 

11: be friendly with other stall holders! 

Our tables were very close together and my perky bum must have knocked the stall next door at least 6 times!! But everyone was very nice about it! 

12: take buisness cards

Although some people didn't buy, a lot were interested in the fact that I do custom orders and took card so they could contact me later! 

13: invite friends and family! 

Don't worry you'll be embarrassed if they see your not doing very well! Remover these people love you and there encouragement is probably the reason you started doing this! And trust me if your not busy there's nothing better than seeing a friendly face walk through the door. 

My oldest friend posing with his mums purchase he made a big show of wandering around the room with the tag showing! What a gem eh? 

14: turn your family into slaves! 

I had my mum cutting fabric before, my sister helping field questions and during a busy period ( yes I actually got busy!!! For about 5 minutes!) my brother in law helped gift wrap and serve people! 

And you can dress them up when it gets slow ! 

15: keep rearranging! 

Every time something sold , the stall changed! It kept things fresh and people who had already had a look sometimes came back for a second one! 

16: float! 

I hadn't even thought about change until my mum turned up with some bags!! 

17: dress the part! 

Look your prettiest! It's not a night on the town but a bit of lippy and nice hair goes a long way! I also whacked on one of my aprons for good measure! 

18: be chill! 

I sucked at this, I was a nervous wreck! (Friend and family help here to) 

19: advertise! 

It's not down to the people organising! As well as it being my first fair , it was the first fair they had organised! Ally my friend sent round some leaflets , we both told out friends and I instagramed, tweeted and face booked the whole thing to death!!! And remember to can tweet your local areas twitters including newspapers, I got quite a few retweets from local organisations including the papers! 

20: go home and relax! 

It sucked? So what they didn't get you, It might not have been your audience or it might not have been busy! Remember what one man hates another man loves! 

You did okay? Brillant there was some good and some bad, take notes in what went well and get back on that horse! 

You rocked it? AWESOME, bask in your own glory and have a well deserved rest! Then start all over again!!! 

Whatever happens, keep calm and have a glass of wine! 

Knitwits owls first ever craft fair! Today Elworth! Tomorrow the world!!!!

Much love 



P.s I am in no means an expert! I just thought I'd share my experience! There's so much information online but one of the best I read was over at "handmadejane" it was also one of the first ones I read!