Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Owls

One of my absolute favourite things to knit are these owls (apart from baby booties! but owls don't strike fear into the heart of my other half! ) There's no pattern for my owls, its all in my head but there are similar ones online and some beautiful crochet ones! Makes me really wish I could crochet, but its one thing I just cant get my head around!
The Granddad of all the owls!
This was the first owl I ever made. He's made from scraps , scrap felt, scrap wool, re-used button and fabric for the eyes, both of which came from various old items of my sons clothing. I even wrote a tag for it "hand made with love". I made him a doorstop because my mum is always looking after her grand children , so I thought a doorstop would make it easier for lil feet to follow her around the house! He's filled with rice and stuffing to make it safer in case lil hands decided to have a look inside my owl!
Well one set of those lil feet and lil hands was quite taken with granny's owl. The words "is it mine?" were used more than once! So the needles had to come out again...
This ones very very squishy and very very girly , much easier for bedtime cuddling than a doorstop! The lil Lady this went to was very pleased with her squishy bedtime owl.
This is what happened next. Someone paid me to make one for them! Any crafter will tell you when someone offers to pay for your work your heart skips a beat! they requested greens and browns to match there d├ęcor!
Then someone else wanted one! For their grand daughter I was hoping to be able to get the pink wool out again (living with two boys means I rarely get to play with anything pink and craft related) but they wanted reds and browns so......
Can you see the girly detail on the eyes? those flower buttons were the only ones I had so they needed a very special occasion, this seemed perfect! this one was squishy as well (I think there must be something in the rice that makes them stand a little straighter and look a little rounder!)
There they all are together a lil owl family!
The next one a made was for my nanny! She was to fussed on colours she said she "Trusted" me! ooooooh the honour! A pretty risky statement though!
This is what she ended up with...
I think I was very reserved  I especially like the little heart button on its chest! You can also see on this one I learnt a new way of attaching to noses/beaks? So they look real!
I LOVE making owls! and hopefully one day ill be able to set up my own etsy shop so I can sell them and they other things I like to make!
Is there anything you like to knit sew or bake over and over again? Or do you like to keep changing it up?
Bye for now
Frankie xxx

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