Saturday, 17 May 2014

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

Yesterday was a big day for my lil ole business! I used my new packaging for the first time ever!
Now in the first days of knitwits owls your orders were just placed (lovingly) into your hands, but!
We've matured! We have a blog! We have Pinterest! We have Twitter! @KnitwitsOwls! We have no idea how to put a little button onto the blog to say we've got Pinterest and Twitter! So if someone could shed some light that would be brilliant! But we are growing up!
All Knitwits items now come wrapped in tissue paper , sealed with a hand stamped label, with a handmade and hand stamped tag thanking them for their purchase! And both have cute little owls on! YAY!

But mainly there's new packaging because very soon there's going to be an etsy store!!!!!! And I wanted people to receive there goods beautifully packaged! ooooooooohhhh how exciting! But don't worry everything that's for sale on etsy will be posted on here as well!
Isn't the Owl adorable!
I feel like my little tiny (and I really do mean freakishly small) feet are taking BIG (slightly terrifying) steps in the right direction! And I'm EXCITED!
I'm also excited about what's inside this little package but I'll have to wait until sometime next week to show you because its a present and I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!!!!!
However I am not excited about the pile of ironing I have to do today, but I have told myself that if I get it done really quickly then I can sew for the rest of little Knitwits nap!
Hope your day is as sunny as mine is today!
Much Love

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