Wednesday, 14 May 2014

It's Dangerous To Go Alone Take This.....

Yes! It's yet another geeky craft but I couldn't resist, this little guy has actually been a work in progress for GASP! one year! yes one whole year. Actually no that a lie its a year and a half! Okay I lied again its been a really long time since I started this! An embarrassingly long time! But at least he's finished now!!!!

This is a handmade "Link" from Legend of Zelda plushie! I made him for my other half but he's already been adopted/stolen by the little boy! He was so much fun to make! Especially styling the hair! Link has very specific hair. As a family we love the legend of Zelda games , especially the little and biggest men , one loves playing them and the other loves watching!!!!!
Guess which way round that is!
This "Link" is styled on the Windwaker game crossed with the Ocarina of time, (boy do I hope I've spelt those right!)
I definitely think that the hat is the best part of Links outfit!
 Not an original shield but I love the look of the Tri Force, so I wanted to get that somewhere prominent!
Loving my nerdy crafts at the minute , I've got a few more to finish, and I'll post them when I'm done but after that I'm out of ideas! Maybe a knitted Mario and Luigi ? Hmmmmmmmm? Any ideas?
Much Love

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