Tuesday, 20 May 2014

It's Time To Sink Or Swim

Big things are happening here at Knitwits homebase! Well my front room! I have opened an Etsy shop! Yes! ive finally taken the plunge and put myself out there so yes it is time to "sink or swim".

So far I have three things in my shop but I plan on doing some updates very soon and adding more items! Here's what we've got so far!

Hand Knitted Pink Owl Doorstop - £15.00


Hand Knitted Green Owl Doorstop - £15.00

 Hand Knitted Multicoloured Nerd Owl Doorstop £15.00
I said the owls might be smartening up their look!

This is the link to the shop until I've manage to work out how to put a permanent link onto this blog (I'm still learning this technology stuff is hard! I'd rather learn how to cast on again and that was torture!)

And remember I'm also on twitter @KnitwitsOwls

Oh such an exciting day!

Much Love



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