Monday, 12 May 2014


Whilst browsing pinterest last night this little beauty pooped up and it really spoke to me! I grew up in a can household,
"Yes sweetie of course you can try and turn those old net curtains into a maxi dress (<---don't ask its still not finished) "
"Of course you can go through the garage looking for thinks to glue together for a project"
you can, you can, YOU can
I think only now do I appreciate the things my family did to encourage me as a child. There not many teenage boys that would wear a hand made hat for the whole of Christmas day, just because his younger sister made it. And there's not many sisters that would ask their younger sister to make and customise items for them to wear for a wedding.
Its hard finding support in this world, but I'm lucky to have that, Parents who tell everyone they meet about what I do, and siblings who never scorned at what I made them (and trust me in my younger years some of the things I made were not good! Although the wedding outfits were awesome).
And I'm still lucky even now, I've found a man to explain costing to me and help me on my way (and put up with my mess).
I make things because of who I was,
Where I came from,
Who I am now,
Where I am now,
Who I will become,
And where I going to end up.
Much Much Love

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