Saturday, 31 May 2014

I'd Love To Stay But I Really Moustache!

It's Day 11 of Pinterest Fortnight and today we have a recycling project! Woop! Every now and again I have to take a long hard look at my wardrobe and decide what to do, these moments usually come when I realise I can't close it or that the rail is going to fall down! When I do I make three piles , Keep, Charity, Fix/Remake. Now the Keep pile is always the biggest (obviously) and the Charity pile is usually the smallest but the most intersesting is always the last pile. And this is what wound up in the fix/remake pile today!

You can't really see the stains here but  assure you they were horrific!

I brought this clutch in a closing down sale YEARS ago for my brothers wedding, and let just say after the wedding this purse had a hard life! Now I like to think that I look after my things BUT, this purse was mainly used in the years between turning 18 and getting pregnant with Little Knitwit! So it got fairly abused! If this purse could talk! Well actually, judging by some of the stains on it, if this purse could talk it's language would be a little slurred at the least!

It needed a little bit of TLC and some updating!

So without further ado here's our Pinterest inspiration!

Moustaches seem to be so popular at the moment , in fashion and in home accessories! Sadly I cant find the origin of these cushions but there lovely all the same!

I painted it red to get rid of the stains! and to give it a new lease of life! Thankfully it dried a lot darker!

And here's the finished result!

I added a moustache using self adhesive felt! It's perfect and I love it! I actually can't wait to take it out with me! And its even better knowing its the only one in the world!!!!!
Now i really Moustache!
Much Love


  1. Great re working of your purse! Love it x

    1. thankyou I really glad I took photos , it was a bit of a fly by the seat of my pants make x


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