Monday, 26 May 2014

Well Arn't You a Little Smarty Pants!

It's Day 6 Ladies and Gentlemen! We are nearly half way through Pinterest Week! And I'm absolutely amazed that I'm managing to keep up!
So without further ado! Todays inspiration!

The origins for these can be found here. Now the reason I was drawn to these is because they are so obviously made for boys! And having a Little boy myself, I know how hard it can be to find awesome stuff for boys, there is always a huge selection for girls , but its always very limited for boys!

Now I'll start off by saying that mine is not half as adorable as these , but I know why! So I'm going to do a remake at some point after Pinterest Fortnight!

The problem is the green I think the reason they look so darn adorable is because of the tweed and plaid patterns that are used.

At least it gave me a chance to work on my baby bib pattern though! I'm fairly happy with it, I just need to add a couple of inches to the bottom and round off the corners a little.

I'm really pleased with the fastening though, I did a press stud / snap fastening, because I always preferred them on my sons bibs, but I covered it up with a button to match the theme of the project a little better.

The bow is perfect though! So adorable and perfect for special occasions! I can definitely see more of these in my future but with a better material choice and a little more length! They will be so perfect for giving as gifts to all the little babies that keep popping up!

Keep your eyes peeled for the remake on these!

See you tomorrow for the halfway point!

Much Love




  1. Love it ! If it would be large enough I have some suit sleeves you could have?

  2. that would be lovely thankyou! I'm having a quiet giggle imagining mr.hudson wandering around with no sleeves on his suits !


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