Friday, 30 May 2014

Oopsie Daisy

Day 9
So I was a little bit naughty yesterday, there was no blogging yesterday, in fact there was no crafting yesterday! Instead their was just lots of fun to be had with Little Knitwit and Mr.Knitwit!
So I'm taking this as Day 9 Pinterest Fortnight inspiration.
I did nothing! yesterday , knitting was left untouched, my sewing machine stayed under its cover, I did no washing or mopping or dusting!
Instead we played, and rode bikes, and had kisses and cuddles and tickles! And lots of good old fashioned family fun! Which I think is very important! So I am counting this picture as Day 9 as Pinterest fortnight!
But I'm back today with Day 10! And its another accessory! I think everyone has something that they like to knit without even thinking. You know the project you do at three in the morning when you cant sleep? Or waiting in line at the bank? Mines flowers but I wanted to do something productive with those flowers!
Here was my inspiration.
I  know there felt and not knitted but I just love the colours and the textures! It can be found here.
And this is just so perfect! Now I have a love/hate relationship with this blanket! It's the sort of thing I don't think I could make and just sell. This sort of blanket is the kind of thing you make for your own baby or a baby you know your going to love very much. Or is that just selfish? I wish so much that I had seen this picture when my niece was a baby , her mummy would have loved it!
So I compromised and turned my flowers into! Brooches!
Now I love a good brooch but they seem to have dwindled out of fashion recently. Hopefully they'll make a come back!
I made two, I small yellow one and a large blue one! Now I don't like to play favourites but the blue one takes the biscuit for me! They are hand knitted with beaded centres and felt leaves!
Yep blue definitely wins it for me!
Now here come the posed pictures, and a small confession! When I did my cowl blog post, and decided to do a picture of me in it. I MIGHT have tweaked my makeup and hair a little bit, and put on a clean cardigan. Actually that's I lie, I applied a full face of makeup and did my hair and picked out a matching cardigan, for pictures on a blog. Turns out I am a lot vainer than I originally thought! That was until today when I realised I couldn't actually be bothered to apply makeup and do my hair so I just sort of used the camera to cover my face? Life is to short to spend every five minutes re applying your lip stick!
I did put a coat on though so you could see it in action!
Also today is my own Darth Vader Birthday, so Happy Birthday Daddy!
Much Love


  1. Love the brooches - I think they are making a comeback!! Or is that because I know people who like to make them?!?

    1. They are definitely making I comeback! and if I remember rightly your a fan of a brooch?


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