Tuesday, 19 June 2018

DIY Wooden Clapper

So far as I can tell sewing tools come in two categories. Your average run of the mill type bits like needles and pins which start off cheap and can be more expensive depending on what quality you want and bits and pieces you don't really need but kind of do that are really blooming expensive for what they are. 

I desperately wanted a tailors clapper for ironing stubborn wool fabrics. Basically you put the clapper on top of the seam after you've ironed it and hold it their until the fabrics cool and using some sort of magic it makes the seam a lot flatter and look a lot neater. 

Naturally to begin with I used an rolling pin or a wooden spoon but that was becoming a bit problematic because LOL want to make some biscuits but I can't find the rolling pin best search the sewing area for 45 minutes and try and find it. 

After looking on line I realised that the majority of tailors clappers are just a big hunk of wood with a pointy end and for £24 that does seam a bit steep. 

Well this girl has a shed full of odd bits of wood [when we dismantled the old sofa Rikki chose to keep what he called the "good bits of wood" and put them straight into the shed were they sat waiting because they were always too big or small for whatever project he was doing] AND a GCSE in product design..... I;m not kidding by the way I took three practical subjects at GCSE and basically spent two years messing around making things. 

Typically I don't really do wood work anymore but I thought I could manage to saw a few bit of wood and knock in a couple of nails. 

It was harder than it looked. 

For starters our saw was fairly blunt and secondly I had wanted to put screws in but couldn't get the blooming things in so ended up with nails.

The front part isn't completely symmetrical and I didn't really get around to rounding off the bottom portion because I don't have access to a sander BUT it works and Rikki's Grandad has promised me we can make a prettier one together in his workshop at some point. 

I was going to do a tutorial for this but to be honest you can just use a flat piece of wood so a tutorial would be a bit redundant. 

In other news:

We have a DOG! If you've been on my Instagram in the past few days you'll have seen our latest addition. We adopted her from the city dogs home, she was found as a stray but was micro chipped which means she has had an owner at some point. 

Shes still a bit scared and isn't really eating much or drinking more but she's slowly relaxing. We've decided to call her Polly and so far she's very lovely. 

If you want to see whats on my Instagram I've linked it to my new Facebook page, so if you have Facebook then you'll be able to find my Instagram posts there. 

Much Love




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