Tuesday, 12 September 2017

NewLook 6390 - simplicity summer challenge

This year is Simplicity's 90th anniversary! Can you imagine 90 years of producing patterns for people to sew?! And to celebrate they are hosting the simplicity turns 90 summer sewing challenge! 

Basically you had a choice of 5 categories each with its own pattern and simplicity sent it to you for free! I opted for the dressmaker category and the pattern was Newlook 6390.  Its a fairy simple princess seamed dress with a half circle skirt. 

Now the rules say you can do a certain level of 'sprucing' to your pattern! I decided to add a full front button placket so it wold close with buttons rather than a zip at the back. The process was pretty simple , instead of cutting the front bodice, waistband and the skirt on the fold I cut them out in two pieces and then I made and interfaced a button placket. 

And jobs a good'n! I didn't do any complicated maths to figure out seam allowances etc, Instead I just left my back seam open and fitted the dress after the button placket was all made up. [with buttons and button holes!]

 The fit it I took 2inches out of the back centre seam and I'd say the fit is pretty spot on. I also took an inch off the straps because I tend to find that all straps are a bit long on me, I must have small shoulders or something. 

Size wise I measured as a 14 but cut out a 12 because that's typically the size I cut out in simplicity patterns. My measurements are 36, 27, 38 which gives an idea of the sizing. 

The pattern calls for you to use bias binding to finish the neckline and armholes but I wanted a cleaner finish so I lined it from the waistband up. The bottom of the waistband is slip stitched in place.

For the fabric I used a irregular polka dot. The polka dots are white and don't really show up on these pictures. Typically I don't wear dresses this pale but I thought with the buttons at the front it was a nice throwback to Laura Ashley in the 90's. I kind of look like a primary school teacher! Its a very fine cotton lawn that I was given by a lady at the carboot, and it wrinkles like a mother!

The button placket also gives 'ahem' easy access. Which could make it a good hack for breast feeding Mums!

The buttons were recycled from two old vest tops I had. They are quite small and metal which makes them VERY fiddly to do up! I was limited on how many buttons I had so I had to add a few press studs on the inside of the bodice to make sure it doesn't gape. 

The skirt isn't lined so I pinked all of the seams on the inside to give a nice finish!

All in all I think its a pretty cute dress, Its just a shame that I've not had much chance to wear it before winter started setting back in and I;m not sure this is the type of dress I can use in my winter wardrobe.

Much Love




  1. Love your hack!!! Think the buttons were a great idea and it looks fab :) x

  2. This looks lovely! I love hacking patterns to include buttons down the front - I've done it with a couple of A line skirts before. I wouldn't have realised it was from this pattern had you not said!
    I was planning to do the challenge this year again, but I couldn't get the site to work when I tried then forgot about it until today - think I'm too close to the deadline now! Ah well, good luck with yours and I'll give it a go next year!
    Sian xx Rebel Angel

    1. A few people mentioned struggling with the site on twitter I think some cult get he pattern for free which sucks x

  3. It's lovely. I especially like how you've lined the bodice. The press stud idea is brilliant too, no one likes too much boob gape now do they!
    Maybe we'll have a warm October week or something - we can live in hope!

    1. The only thing worse than noon gape is when you tuck your skirt into your knickers x


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