Monday, 30 June 2014

Once Upon A Time...

There's nothing I like better than burying myself in a good book. When the new Harry Potters came out I sat myself on the sofa and didn't move until I was finished. The first time I read The Great Gatsby I read into the wee hours just to see what happened to Gatsby. When there was the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon I brought all three books one day and had finished all of them the next, I was disappointed but I finished them.
But recently I've been stuck in a bit of a book rut, mainly because pretty much my entire collection of books is currently living in our loft until we can find space, (Mr.Knitwit does not read and therefore does not think that space is necessary, he is wrong, very wrong) I've been reading the same books over and over again, I'm getting to know all of them by heart and was starting to go a bit book crazy. I'm sorry but a good bubble bath is not a good bubble bath unless you have a good book! But I struck lucky, Mr.Knitwit of all people came home with a new book for me, given to him by a friend at work! Which of course required a new bookmark!
I cross stitched this and then backed it with felt, its really cute , but no never again. At least not with the cross stitch fabric I have, its like 1 million holes per inch (this might be a small exaggeration) but yeah it made my eyes hurt and my head hurt and my hands. And it frayed and split and just generally wound me up. But in some good new I'm going to give this away to someone who has more patience and better eyesight! So it wont be wasted.
I wish I had more patience! It's so adorable! And I know so many people who would appreciate them as gifts!!!!
It is cute, must resist , must not try again, will scream.
This is the book Mr.Knitwits work friend gave me, I must admit I was sceptical at first, this isn't really my sort of book, I tend to steer towards the bonnets and bosoms side of things (particularly when they include a certain Mr.Darcy). But I had run out of things to read , so I decided to give it a go, that was yesterday evening and I have about a quarter of the book left to go!
Don't worry I wont tell you how it ends!
Have you read anything good recently?
Much Love


Sunday, 29 June 2014

Its Amazing What You Find

For some reason, I seem to have been having a massive tidy up at the minute. There's been a lot of sorting and a lot of chucking.
I'm not really one for tidying, if I'm knitting or sewing I don't really see mess. And if I'm painting I'm usually making it! There seems to be a lot of cleaning inspiration on my Pinterest feed at the moment, maybe the universe is trying to tell me something? most of them are fairly optimistic to be honest they seem to think that I only need to clean my living room once a week? Do they not realise what one week of Little Knitwit mess looks like? It looks like a bombsite that's what.

But anyway,  during my cleaning I found this, it was hidden at the back of a drawer gathering dust. I vaguely remember starting this about 3 years ago, at about 3 in the morning? Actually that works out because I'd have been pregnant and I don't remember doing at lot of sleeping at night when I was pregnant! Crying, eating, screaming and being unreasonable. Yes, but sleep? No.

So apparently whilst pregnant, sleep deprived, and most probably crying/eating (or in some very stressful occasions both at the same time) I decided to stich the Virgin Mary. Well they do say pregnant women do strange things.

Another piece that could do with a good iron. Yet another hint from the universe that I should be doing more housework.

 There's some great stitches on it though. This might be the neatest chain stitch I have ever done.

Now I just need to decide whether or not to finish it. I'm in two minds at the moment.
In other news I've added a few more rows to my t-shirt yarn doormat. Its looking super duper.
I feel like there's going to be a lot of blue, considering Little Knitwit is the only one that's growing out of his clothes at the moment.
I've got so much more to do on it though, I guess for the moment I'll just have to keep going till I run out of t-shirt yarn. At least the knitting will give me plenty of time to mull over the Virgin Mary embroidery.
Much Love

Exciting Times

It's been a pretty exciting time in the blogosphere at the moment.
We've had the release of Tilly's new book. Tilly is from Tilly and the Buttons blog
I am lusting after this book at the moment, its on my wish list, Tilly's patterns are fresh and young with a distinctly retro feel! it reminds me of the sixties and makes me want to wear my hair in a beehive (or at least learn how to do one!) She's got a great style and you might have caught her on the first season of "The Great British Sewing Bee"
And very recently we've had the launch of Capital Chic Patterns the patterns are all designed by the very talented Sally from Charity Shop Chic she's a very talented pattern drafter, and whereas Tilly's are young these are very very grown up. I tend to think of them as a sex and the city meets Audrey Hepburn feel.
This is the martini dress. it's super grown up I think youd want wine or a cocktail with this dress, not a pint!
So two very different types of patterns! But either way the little guy is taking the pattern world by storm!
Much Love
And Much Love For These Inspirational Women

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Horrible Weather

The weather is horrible, really darn horrible. I've got slippers on and I've turned the heating on. It's suppose to be summer!!!! Where did all the lovely sunshine go? And to make it even worse, it made these scarves really hard to photograph. So you'll have to take my word for it when I say they are really lovely! But the photographs might not show their beauty very much!
An absolute brute to photograph I was nearly screaming at the end.
It's a basic scarf with a buckle fastening detail , and the wool is one of the ones kindly given to me by Mr.Knitwits nanny.
This particular wool has a gradual colour change so within this scarf I had shades of green, blue, orange, red, brown and violet.
It has a beautiful drape, really stunning, and can be worn done up or undone!
It was such a lovely wool to knit it, I found making this project very relaxing! I just wish I'd found taking the pictures as easy!
After I made this one, I immediately cast on another one, using the same wool and needle size.
Because of the colour change in the wool this scarf is completely different, this one is a more muted colour palette with lots of autumn tones!
I added a buckle to this one to incidentally , both of the buckles were given to me by my nan. One is a faux tortoiseshell and the other is faux mother of pearl. At a guess I'd say there fairly old? But I'm not sure if they'd be classed as vintage just yet!
Secretly I think this one might be my favourite! the colour palette is a little bit more my style!
I love these scarves, and I'm going to cast on a shawl to use up the rest of the wool very soon!
Perfect wardrobe additions to the horrible weather were having today.
Much Love


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste.....

It's not very often my dad asks something of me. In fact I can't really think of many times he's asked me to do something crafty for him. Most of his repairs are usually done by my mum, so I was quite surprised when he asked me to do this project for him.
because I tell you about the project, let me tell you a few things about my dad.
  • He's incredibly hardworking, and always made sure me and my siblings had everything we wanted or needed (and bearing in mind one of us is musical, one of us is engineery and one of us is crafty. that must have been quite a lot of wants and needs)
  • He loves music, I've you tubed music videos for him, and watched him listen to music on his HUGE headphones many times.
  • he is the sole reason I know all the words to perfect day (its originally by Lou Reed, but he used to play a charity version with lots of different artists)
  • he's very sentimental, but probably wouldn't admit it. he still has things I've made for him, and I think that why he asked me to do this project for him.
When I was very young, my Dad and Sister went to see the Rolling Stones with some of their friends. And my dad came back with a t-shirt. 15 years later It's finally give up the ghost, it was stained and stretched from years of wear. But Dad wasn't ready to give up on Mick and the boys just yet.
So he brought a new t-shirt and asked me to sew the design of the old t-shirt onto the new one so he could keep it! T o be honest it probably reminds him of a lovely day with my sister, but he wouldn't admit that. He'll probably just say its because he really loves that top.
Now there's very few things I don't like doing, but one of them is repairs and the other is sewing stretch fabrics! But after years of him giving me everything I wanted how could I refuse this little favour.
I used more pins than I have ever done in my life and actually tested my stitch length before I started sewing which I hardly ever do. I basically appliqued the entire panel and then stitched around each box to give it some stability. And I'm pleased with the results, its fairly flats and their are not any huge puckers or pleats! Even though I had to cut and re stitch the side seams to get the panel flat. 
Here's me with mick and the boys but it definitely looks better on Daddy! I wonder if I'll be reapplying it in another 15 years?
On the plus side its also provided me with some more t-shirt yarn!
Much Love

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Lot Of Cleaning, A Whinge and Some Yarn!

Its been a long day today, I ended up cleaning the whole house from top to bottom. It all started when the tumble dryer broke, I had to drag it out and to be perfectly honest it was darn filthy behind there! God knows how it gets that way, but at least its clean now! It had to be cleaned seen as the repair man is coming to take a look at it next week, and I definitely don't want him seeing my cob webby pantry. A girls pantry is a very private place!
Which brings me to my whinge, being without my tumble dryer is like being without an arm. Yes I know what some of you are thinking, It's beautifully sunny in England at the moment! Why aren't you pegging your washing out on the line. Well I am! I just hate doing it! I like to have my dryer as back up in case of emergency! I know washing lines have been used for years but they are so unreliable! Never once has my tumble dryer only decided to dry half my washing! (leaving the other half damp!), not once has my dryer allowed a bird to poop on my lovely clean washing! And I never have to run outside and grab all of my carefully washed and pegged out washing just because its started to rain with my dryer! Mr dryer takes all of these problems in his stride! And he has the common courtesy to bash the clothes around enough that they don't even need ironing! EVERYTHING needs ironing when it comes off a washing line! Sadly though my dryer is expensive to run, and good weather is free although not frequent! So I shall soldier on doing my little bit for planet earth.
Well that's my little whinge over and done with know I can tell you the good part of today! Due to the cleaning i ended up sorting out the black hole that is my wardrobe! And this time I resolved to ditch any t-shirts with holes in! Well when I say ditch I mean , turn into t-shirt yarn!
I've been wanting to make t-shirt yarn for ages but never seemed to get around to it. This is two vest tops and one long sleeved tops worth of yarn, but I think I'm going to need some more for the project I have in mind!
There's hundreds of tutorials put there on the internet for how to make t-shirt yarn, if you want to make your own. I was that excited I didn't even have chance to photography making it! I used very thin t-shirts though, and cut strips of about 1cm (some tutorials recommend strips of about an inch but it looked to bulky for me!
 I already know what its going to become! A nice little outdoor mat for my back door. Something we can rest muddy shoes on, and something I can stand on to water my hanging basket! I could have just brought one, but it probably wouldn't be as bright as this. And I can throw this away guilt free if it gets to grotty because I didn't spend a penny on it!
Love making recycled projects!
Much Love

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Pretty In Pink

Its refashion time again! I was reading a lovely little blog called eat sleep breathe fashion which happens to be written by my lovely and talented cousin Miss Sadie K, and she was talking about the amount of co-ordinating trends this summer.
Photo Credit eat sleep breathe fashion
 This is a style I love! But I've always been terrified of looking like something out of an eighties movie. You know what I mean , flowered skirt, flowered skirt, big hair, bubble gum, Molly Ringwald. I digress.
But anyway I decided to have a quick look in my wardrobe to see if their was anything I could tweak.
And I found this.
I'm not sure when I brought this, or what drugs I had been given, but all I can say is, it makes me look about 6 months pregnant, apparently the puffy under the bust skirt is not my friend!
The dress was originally from miso, and although I love the fabric and the fully lined skirt, I was not loving how it looked on me. So I changed it up a little bit.
NOTE;  Please give yourself some time to prepare yourself for some VERY awkwardly posed pictures taken by momma Knitwit. (Who only just learnt how to use an SLR camera today) (and kept making me giggle)
 I basically cut the skirt away from the lining but left it attached to the top. Sewed some lace around all the over locked edges on the top, and turned the skirt piece into an actual skirt using elastic! Oh elastic that's very eighties isn't it!
 (I know I am rubbish at explaining what I do, it's basically, cut, swear, pray, sew, cheer)
 Here's the back, (still working on that focus with momma) it originally had straight straps but I decided to cross them because one had broken anyway!
Wack on a belt and heels and I'm good to go.
Here's just the top, and yes I do know it looks like a nightie untucked but if Madonna can rock it so can I! The shorts are also a refashion, they used to be my sisters jeans and were cut down the summer my mum decided my sister needed to get her legs out more.
And this is the skirt as a separate, paired with my very old Ethel Austin top. I actually think I like it best styled like this, but either way its definitely more wearable now it doesn't make me look like I'm expecting baby number two!
But what have this project taught me:
  1. Current fashion trends, can be achieved at home , without the hefty price tag.
  2. If I could crop my legs at the knee in real life I'd be much happier
  3. My mother should not be let near technology
  4. Don't bin anything
  5. And as much as it pains me to admit it, I would not win Americas next top model with my dazzling modelling talents!.
Much Love

Saturday, 21 June 2014

I Love Rock and Roll

I had some great news today! One of my favourite bands, which my brother in law happens to be in! Showed their new album today! It is officially for sale!
The band in question is Hybrid.9 (the link takes you to their Facebook page!) But they also have Twitter @Hybrid_9 
But back to the album, its called "Hidden Inside", Its obviously awesome! but the best bit is!!!! Guess who got to do the album artwork!!!! Lil ol me! I'm so please with how it turned out! I originally did it in red and then lovely brother in law did some tweaking and came up with this awesome spacey palette but inverting to colours!
So far its been a super exciting day! My artwork got put on an album and I finished a pair of baby booties this morning! (boy we just go from one extreme to another here, don't we!)
I'd like the thank the guys from Hybrid.9 for giving me such a great opportunity! And I'm chuffed to bits with how it turned out! Now I just need to blog about my Hybrid.9 t-shirt revamp and I'm sorted! Just got to get it out of the wash first though!
Much Love!
And Rock!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Wise Words

I like to surround myself with words of inspiration, I have a quote from steve jobs written in the inside of my knitwits file and a quote about following my dreams at the bottom of the stairs as well as all of the words of wisdom that family and friends have passed onto me throughout the years.

Grandad - "If you use what you have got, you will not need what you have not"

Momma - "You are never over dressed, everyone else is simply under dressed!"

I think quotes are a great source of inspiration, and where the starting point of todays embroidery came from.
Little Knitwit was lucky enough to receive a book of Dr Seuss stories for his christening off his Uncle, Auntie and cousins and although they do leave me panting for breath the illustrations are gorgeous! I love the whimsical style!
I chose my favourite character, the cat in the hat and started by blocking him in black thread.
And then I added some colour based on the illustrations.
I love the little goldfish! in the story he's so sensible!
I also added my favourite Dr Seuss quote
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~ Dr Seuss
It was so much fun to do this one, especially seen as I got to read it to Little Knitwit in between stitching!
In other news I made shortbread today ( don't ask, it was terrible! Last time I use that recipe) , and I made flap jack with Little Knitwit (would have been better if he didn't insist on eating most of the mixture!)
And I've started a new pair of booties for a very very special Mummy to be and her bump! Now I just need to finish them off!
And then I can start a new embroidery project! I'm thinking Winnie the Pooh next! Who's your favourite childhood character?
Much Love

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Finishes and Fabric

It's definitely been a good couple of days I finished my Bird Embroidery all I had to do was sew the branch in, I went for more of a free form style, because when I try and draw branches and trees they always look a little fake, so I free styled and it ended up looking more natural!
Definitely pleased with how it turned out! It's pretty girly for me, but I've been trying to change things up a little bit.
It was nice to do a mixture of different stitches and to alternate between complete blocks of colour and more liner areas.
 It's already sat in a pile waiting with my other embroidery projects to be turned into a cushions.
And a package has been delivered to a customer, Via the official Knitwits Delivery person ( AKA my momma!)
It was a custom order for a friend who's daughter loves ORANGE! It's a doorstop and it's the package that I blogged about here! 
I also received a very special delivery today from Mr. Postman! My Dragonfly Fabrics arrived from the competition I won on Handmade Jane's blog!
It was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper but I might of ahem, ripped it off as soon as a realised what it was before I had chance to take a picture!
But it was wrapped up in a ribbon which made me swoon even more! And as an added bonus FREE ribbon! Ooft!
I got 60cm so its the perfect amount to make myself a cute little summer skirt!
And then I also chose a white cotton embroidered flower fabric in white, which I can't find on the website now! Hope I didn't steal it all!
I got 2.5m in this because I already have a pattern in mind for it! from my sew your own wardrobe book! It will need a lining underneath though, so that will be a bit of a challenge.
But I really hope I've got enough left to make some other treats!
I'd like to thank Jane and Dragonfly fabrics again for an AWESOME giveaway!
Today has been an awesome day so far! Hope you guys have a lovely day as well!
Much Love