Tuesday, 31 March 2015

More buttons!

Okay so if you've read this blog before you'll know about my love of buttons! I mean BUTTONS! Anyway momma Knitwit picked up this lil cracker for me from a charity shop recently! 

A coffee jar filled with buttons (she knows the way straight to my heart!) 
Here's some personal favourites: 

There's only one of these but bit do I wish there were more!!! 

Some kind if military button

I actually think these are pretty chic! 

APPLES! how stupidly adorable are these!!

She also picked me up some super wide lace and gave me some zips!!! 

And I picked up these whilst we were out together! 

Three reels if cotton for a pound? Can't really go wrong there can you? 

I always find it's worth having a dig around in charity shops! Especially seen as the really crafty generation are starting to die out. (Gosh that's a bit morbid!) 

In other news I started a new dress, and haven't screwed up the pattern matching too badly! I'm just waiting for mr postman to deliver my invisible zip foot (please fit my machine) and then I can blog it. 

Much love



Monday, 30 March 2015

Flogging a dead horse...

I tried to make the cami top from the new Gbsb book. Note I said tried!

I traced the pattern late at night, then realised I didn't have enough fabric to cut it, so I had to use a plan b fabric.

It's a silky scarf thing I brought from Rome for five euros, I actually used to wear it a lot until the edged started fraying. 

Next I realised I didn't have enough of fabric a for the a contrast frill, or fabric b, or c for that matter. Enter fabric d! 

I cut my pattern peices and I wasn't convinced, I sewed the darts and definitely wasn't convinced. Two French seams later and I started to think it looked a lil hideous. 

At this point I gave up, my frill was too thick, my material was too sheer and couldn't support it (and it's doing some weird sticking out at the back!) I have weird stripes across the body! It's a hot mess! 

So I took if off my mannequin and stuffed it in draw! I'll deal with it another day! Until then I'd rather sew something pretty! 

Much love


Saturday, 28 March 2015

English paper pieced needle books!

You may remember me saying yesterday that the issue of love patchwork and quilting magazine my sister gave me came with a free project! 

And how excited I was that the kit included everything I needed baring scissors? 

Well here it is completed! 

Isn't it adorable! I can't believe it all came out of a tiny packet! 

Or how quick it was to do!!! In fact it was so quick to do that this happened today! 

Yerp I raided my stash and made ANOTHER one! And it was purely a coincidence that I picked the same colour felts! 

I love them! And two needle books in two days isn't bad at all! 

I'm going to keep the original one, and I was going to give the second on to my sister but durr she has the kit herself! So I think I'm going to give it to my mummy, she's been doing some patchwork of her own recently and It will be nice for her to have somewhere to keep pins and needles! 

I do have a major problem though! Whilst sewing those tiny hexies I couldn't help but think about how quick and adorable they are..... And how nice a whole quilt might look! 

Someone save me! 

Much love 



Friday, 27 March 2015

If big sisters were flowers, you'd be the one I'd pick!

OH BOY OH BOY! Do I have some goodies to show you! For some reason I've been very very spoilt recently! But I am going to try and split my goodies into bitesize chunks! 

So part 1 comes from my big sister! Do you have a sister? Mine actually a pretty good egg as far as sisters go, she's taken me to concerts and fabric shopping and is a personal cheerleader for all things craft! And she's given me this! 

She accidentally ended up with two! Now I love love LOVE magazines! In fact if I'm feeling a bit droopy I cheer myself up with a magazine and a bar of chocolate, but other than that I don't really buy them becuase I just can't justify the cost! So this is a MAJOR treat! 

And even better it comes with a lil kits! 

With EVERYTHING included! (Even a needle!) I'll be giving this a whirl in a bit! 

And it includes some other quirky ideas! 

Patchwork clothes? Yay or nay? 

I can see my larger scraps being put to good use! 

My dad would love this fussy cut patch! 

Ladies and gentlemen (are their any gentlemen reading? Helloooooo?) I HAVE FOUND MY NEXT QUILT! 

Once I've finished the one I'm working on  of course. 

Or maybe a lil bit before! 

Now I've never ever ready this magazine before "patchwork and quilting" but I think I might consider buying it! It's a great layout, the projects are fun (something magazines can go too cutesy or old lady) and as far as I can tell most of the templates are actual size! ACTUAL SIZE! And as someone who has spent time tring to convince a library that they need something blowing up 133%, not 140% or 130%, quite simply 133% then it's quite refreshing! 

Much love



Wednesday, 25 March 2015

10 things I hate about sewing...

Don't get me wrong , I love! To sew! It relaxes me, it makes me happy and it fills my wardrobe up nicely. But hers 10 things that I really hate about sewing! 

1 - zips

In general, all shapes lengths and sizes! Nothing quite makes me swear as much as putting in a zip!

2 - darts 

Purely becuase of the amount of times I've stood in front of the mirror thinking "are these bust darts to pointy? Are they pointing at my nipples? Is he staring at my boobs becuase my bust darts are wonky or becuase he's a male?"

3 - bias binding

Just EURGH! It's fiddly and just EURGH! 

4 - tracing patterns 

You always miss off one peice. Just saying.

5 - 

When the bobbin runs out

"Oh doing a long row of top stitching are you? Nearly perfect is it? All those pins taken out are they? And I'll finish now I think........oh it's ruined.....shame"

6 - the moment you nearly sew through your finger.

It's 2am you've very nearly finished , your eyes are bleary and you just want to go to sleep, you see your finger edge toward the needle. You don't move. It moves closer but sheer exhaustion keeps you grounded! The needle grazes your finger and....... You crap your pants and move faster than the flash (that's a comic book reference) 

We sewists dance with death I'm telling you! 

7 - people you don't understand the difference between fabric scissors and regular scissors

Quite simply , if you don't know the difference, ask. If you just use what ever the hell you want, please remove yourself from the planet! 

8 - three threads coming out of the bottom thread area. 

Hmm I'm pretty sure there should only be one of you? So who are the rogues? 

9 - when people interrupt your sewing time. 

Phone rings "no I don't want my windows done, to take your survey or to hear how some distant relative is, please hang up now! 

10 - pattern matching 

Now if that's there, then this should be here, so I guess I'll just have to waste  half a foot of fabric! 

And that's it! 

Is there anything you hate/love about sewing? 

Much love



Sunday, 22 March 2015

Denim corset top!

Okay so I can quite safely say that I'm now okay with my sleeveless shell top! In fact I'm currently wearing it (like right this second) with my blue stretch pencil skirt, as per the thrifty stitchers suggestion (And my granny cardi, don't judge it's chilly)

But anyway post potato gate I decided to make something else from the Gbsb book! And I cut the right size! 

The denim bustier top! This is a pattern hack from the corset pattern! 

Naturally I didn't play exactly by the rules for starters I didn't buy 1m of denim fabric, instead I used these!

(Turns out taking a picture of blue jeans on a blue carpet is a lot harder than I thought!) 

I should probably mention that these came from mr knitwits wardrobe and he's scrawny, like super scrawny! (Ie not much fabric!) 

Gotta say I'm pretty dammed pleased! Even though it's a little big, I had to make it less fitted because I recycled the zip from an old tshirt in stead if buying an open ended one! FYI this means you can't remove this garment with any kind of dignity (it's kinda like putting your skinny jeans on after Christmas! That's a lots of wiggling!) 

I'm also trying to practise my binding (eurgh) so I went for an exposed binding instead of using it as a facing which the book suggests. It's wonky in places but it's not the worst I've ever done, and I quite like the pop of the red! 

Secret time one of the panels is from a different pair of jeans! Can you spot it? 

Also FLAT FELLED SEAMS! I did flat felled seams! They are grown up seams! And they make garments look like ready to wear! I'm super pleased I learnt a new technique! Even if I did spend ages putting it together and trying not to screw it up! An added bonus of flat felled seams it that the inside looks beautiful!

All in all, I like it! I have no idea when I'm going to wear it, unless bewitched make a massive denim based comeback and need another tone deaf member. C'est la vie! 

The shape is stupidly flattering and I'm tempted to make another in a heavy quilting cotton! Something with flowers and maybe a check , very sweet home Alabama! 

Much love



Friday, 20 March 2015

The sleeveless shell top and the walking potato

Drum roll please! 

This is my first make from the latest great british sewing be book! 

The sleeveless shell top! 

Here's what the model looks like!

And here's me the walking potato! After making this up I'm under the impression I should have cut a slightly bigger size, or at least lengthened it! 

Although I wouldn't have been able to lengthen it because the fabric came from an old summer dress that made me look 6 months pregnant! 

It's longer at the back because of the dipped hem! 

Okay so good points!: 

• i love the fabric, it's a crazy print but not so wacky that I won't wear it.
• I like the way it's constructed, it's super simple which is good, and I adore the longer hem at the back! 

Bad points:
• I feel like a potato, now in my head I know I'm not potato shaped, but the length of this top is just plain wrong on me! I am however wondering if it might work better tucked into something? Any suggestions on how I can style it better? 
• My hem is wonky.... Pure lazyness
• I should have played safe and cut a bigger size! 
• it's a lil snug at the boob area.

Which gets me to my main point, why didn't I cut my proper size? 

Right here's what happened, I measured myself and my waist measurement corresponded with my ready to wear size but my bust size corresponded with a whole size bigger on the sizing chart! But only by about half an inch, well that's a lie. A full inch the first time I measured myself and half an inch after I'd taken a deep breath. 

Put simply, I was vain. 

I succumbed to the little Diva inside me that said "THAT IS NOT YOUR SIZE!"

That's the thing though isn't it? With womens sizing, in primark I'm one size, in top shop another? In new look patterns one, in great british sewing bee another?  How does it work? 

Well it doesn't, it's called vanity sizing, you try something on and the lil voice inside your head says "ooooh I'm smaller than I thought" and before you know it your hands in wallet and your parting with your hard earned cash for something you don't actually want! Just because it fits!

So I've now vowed to myself I'm not going to vanity size, every time I pick up that tape measure I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god! 

From now on I am Frankie sized (also known as size awesome) and that's the size I will cut from patterns and buy from shops! 

And what is that size in the shops I hear you ask? Not telling it's between me and my god! 

Much love 

And embrace your size awesome! 



And major kudos to Tilly Walnes who wrote her love at first stitch patterns with her own version of sizing, and forced us to tell the truth! 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Another owl!

Hi my names Frankie and I'm a Netflix addict.

I have a serious Netflix problem, I've binge watched gossip girl, and mr selfridge , American horror story, countless Molly ringwald films and now I'm in to heroes. 

Luckily it's not a complete waste if time , I've been multitasking, sometimes I knit and sometimes I sew.

Today I sewed 

Another textured owl! Anyone sick if them yet?

Well tough! Because I still love them!!!! 

Vintage lace, beads, vintage buttons! All the usual suspects are included! 

The beading took forever! And ever! 

Now I just have to make it into a cushion, sighs (the boring part) 

I've also been working on my first project from the fashion with fabric book, it's sort if an upcycle , recycle hybrid type thing! Anyway hopefully it turns out okay! 

Much love



Monday, 16 March 2015

A new blanket!

I've started a new blanket but is slllloooooooowwwwwwww going! In fact I haven't done any on it in ages! Like two days! 

It's the same pattern as my previous blanket but this time I'm using navy for the honey comb and a cool colour change for the main part! I opted for colour change wool this time to minimise the amount of ends I have to sew in! 

I'm just hoping I'll have enough of both of them! I love how it looks but I just wish the darn thing would knit itself! 

I also cast on an extra 50 stitches! So hopefully this one will be bigger than a tea towel! 

I'm other news where's the sunshine gone? It keeps appearing but then hiding again and it's making me sad! I even put on my me made striped tunic  top today in the hopes of coaxing it out! 

It failed! 

Much love



Sunday, 15 March 2015

A very happy Mother's Day !

I'm having a great Mother's Day, even if poor mr Knitwit does have to work! 

He and lil Knitwit gave me my gifts last night and as well as chocolates and these beautiful flowers! 

Which lil Knitwit chose all by himself! I also got this lil belter! 

This was a HUGE surprise! Mr Knitwit doesn't quite get the whole "sewing" thing so I never thought that they'd think of it as a gift! Bless em they do listen! And I can't wait to get started! Even after just a quick skim it seems as though it's a much better book than the other two! Especially the first which I didn't even bother to buy to be honest! And I love the pattern hacks! 

This is the first pattern I'm going to try! 

But it's lovely to see some favourites in there! 

I loved Amanda's blouse! I thought it was stunning! 

Being that's it's Mother's Day I should probably mention the legend that is momma bear! 

I could go on about how lovely she is , but she already knows! 

Or how fabulous she is, but she knows that as well! 

All in all she's just a pretty cracking bird! 

(The bottom two pictures are from the coldest goodwood ever!) 

Much love



Thursday, 12 March 2015

Etsy update!

Anybody who follows me on Instagram might now what I've been working on today! Yes I've been adding more stock to my etsy shop! (A link can be found at the side of the page or this will send you to my favourite of my new items! https://www.etsy.com/listing/225951292/embroidered-john-lennon-cushion-cover

John Lennon cushion cover.

Sleepy owl cushion cover. 

Appliqué owl cushion cover.

Appliqué owl cushion cover.

UP! Cushion cover! 

Please come an ld have a browse! 

By the way do you like my lil photo bomber? The lil green owl was given to me by a super lovely customer and I've been using him as a good luck charm! 

Much love