Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Patchwork Magic

I was first introduced to patchwork when I visited my grandparents in Ireland. I remember sleeping in a huge brass bed that was absolutely laden with blankets and sheets but on top of all of these layers (and there was about seven)  was a patchwork quilt. In fact, on top was this patchwork quilt in particular .
I believe the pattern is called "flying geese" and it was made using the English paper piecing technique, I think its hand quilted and you can even see where she's signed it at the bottom with her name and the year she finished it . This quilt actually belongs to my big sister, in fact we all have one! (coincidence I think not! my grandma was one clever lady) the only problem is mine isn't finished :( So me and my mum are going to finish it together and put all of names on it.

This is my grandma by the way , and my brother and sister , I'm the little blonde one!

  I blame this quilt for starting me off with a love of handmade quilts! I mean I knew my grandma sewed because she sent me a quilted pillow when I was about five or six.
 The edging fabric has also been used in the quilt above, thrifty as well! A woman after my own heart!
She did the worlds neatest stitches.
But it was going over the Ireland that opened my eyes , she didn't just sew, she SEWED! she knew her stuff! she had books and templates and more fabric than you can shake a stick at! fabric which I was lucky enough to receive when she died, which I promptly started to turn into my own quilts. quilts like this one.

Not quite flying geese

Its got my fabrics and her fabrics, bits of old work shirts and baby clothes.
But its not finished and it was started about three years ago , all it needs is two more triangles and then I can back it quilt it and bind it.

 But no I have to procrastinate! But I procrastinate in the strangest ways. I start another quilt.
Hand pieced again but this time using my sons baby clothes and just his baby clothes , this quilt made me shed a few tears. There's lots of little pieces of my baby in here, and its a nice way of remembering what he used to wear without keeping EVERYTHING. I actually got the idea from an episode of the Gilmore girls! 
This quilt was well received although a little smaller than I had hoped (all those squares were driving me crazy) but in the end there was enough scraps , leftovers, material for a second quilt.
This one went to Daddy as part of his birthday present , I even embroidered a message onto it , a soppy message so I wont share that! But more importantly it was the first quilt I made entirely by machine. It was so quick and easy it was unreal but I didn't seem to feel the same connection to the other hand made quilts.
Maybe its just me ? Or do you feel differently about machine quilts and entirely handmade quilts?
Although this picture makes me love them both equally or is that just the boys?
Much Love


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