Thursday, 8 May 2014

I'd like the thank all the sheep

Yes I want to thank the sheep , because they give us the wool and boy do we love the wool! I got three balls yesterday on my crafty shopping trip, three big balls, three posh big balls! I usually don't spend a lot on wool , I tend to buy from the sale shelf and from charity shops, but to be perfectly honest most of my wool has just been given to me! From my Nan from my other half's Nan! The benefits of being the only young person they know who loves to knit and who is always looking to expand her hoard collection.
But anyway this is what I got yesterday from Hobbycraft , otherwise known as my house of worship!
Its by Robin and its there candyfloss super chunky range, aren't the colours lush! And its got a one ball knitting pattern on the inside of the band thingy in the middle (no idea what its called) for a fisherman's rib tank, isn't that nice of them! And its a proper pattern not just a straight rectangle scarf! (I hate it when they do that!)
But aren't the colours brilliant, I cant get over them, there so vibrant.
I think the greys my favourite
  Or maybe its the pink , yes definitely the pink.
 But that blue is nice!
Ohhh I cant decide! And I cant wait to see what I make out of these , although there's definitely going to be at least one owl! and maybe some hats!
And do you want to know the best part! Not only was it on sale at £3.00 per ball for 200g. It was also 3 for 2. Damm it! I love a good bargain!
Much Love

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