Saturday, 24 May 2014

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.....

So its Day 4 of Pinterest fortnight and trust me making a project everyday is really starting to take its toll! I'm fairly sure I have a project in at least every room of the house! But onto todays inspiration!!!! And if you haven't already guessed its a Star Wars one!
I'm not 100% on the origin if this design but I think its from, if any one can confirm this please let me know and I'll amend this blog and set up a link! I absolutely love this, it popped up when I was looking for sugar schools and it seemed so perfect!
My entire family is Star Wars obsessed and my Dad used to be called Darth Vader by his work colleagues. I think they'd all be proud of me crafting Star Wars goodness!
I started off by tweaking the design a bit because I wanted mine to be completely my own and this is the design I ended up with! Apologies for the crumple Little Knitwit decided to help me out on the photography!
Then it seemed pretty clear to me what I needed to do with it! Embroidery of course! So I think it officially needs to be called "Star Wars a New Hoop!" I'm going to stop with the bad jokes now! Or at least I'll try!
I really don't see why they didn't go for this look in the movies..... much more friendly
I'd show you what the back looks like but my momma taught me that a lady never shows her backside in public!
 Hearts for a nose and flowers for eyes not Darths usual look!
I loved doing this! I'm finding the more fun I think the finished product will be the quicker I'm getting it done!
And I have one more surprise! There is going to be another star wars craft coming very soon in......
Star Wars: Return of the Knitting!
Please Lord let me think of another star wars project so I can have the trilogy!!! Please!!!!
Much Love
And May The Force Be With You

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