Thursday, 22 May 2014

Woof Woof

So its Day 2 of my Pinterest fortnight and this is the inspiration for todays Pinterest craft. When I saw this I had to pin it! It reminded me so much of my Nan and Grandads dog and my friend Ally's dog formally known as Molly dog! Now I'm not a dog person but I love me some molly dog!

I cant find the origin of this picture which is huge shame seen as its so darn cute! This looks pillow sized but I decided to do my version as a PIN! cushion, (and its pinterest fortnight! How perfect is that!?)

So far I've made two but I have a few more in the works !

This one used the very last piece of this heart patterned fleece I had and I don't know where I can get any more but I think this little guy more than deserves it!

I also made this little guy in blue! I love the pearly eye and the vintage lace (It was my Grandmas so it counts as vintage!? Right?)

Not quite sure which is my favourite, all I do know is that I can't bring myself to put pins in these little guys!!! How silly is that? They are pin cushions! Sometimes I think I'm to soft for my own good!  So I think I'll save them for a craft fair I'm doing later this year!

See you on Day 3!

Much Love



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