Monday, 19 May 2014

I Wondered Where That Went?

We've been decorating for, well, what seems like forever! We did little Knitwits room and then we did what is formally known as the man room! But as with all redecorating projects we ended up finding lots of things that we thought we had lost or misplaced! One of which was this little teddy bear I made when I found out I was pregnant!
It was the first stuffed toy I had ever knitted and I have to say I was pretty proud of it. Now I know what your thinking. Yes he does look like he's been run over and yes he is fairly flat. But that was how I wanted him! When I decided to make my little bump a stuffed toy I immediately panicked ! I wanted something safe, something he could breathe through and something I wouldn't have to worry about, so yes when I started to draft out the pattern I made him as flat as possible (yep even then I decided making my own knitting patterns was easier than trying to read the Morse code crossed with abbreviated English of commercial patterns. I have never yet gotten through a commercial knitting pattern without ringing my mum, my Nanny or popping over to my old baby sitters house Auntie Audrey! )
But in my first time mum panic I decided that this pattern needed to be as child friendly as possible I even googled how long to make his scarf so there would be no risk of strangulation, and even then I hand stitched it on just to make sure!
Now I thought he'd been lost and although I enjoyed making him, he was never a favourite with little Knitwit who only has eyes for his Donald duck! So when it became apparent that he was lost I wasn't particularly bothered, I took the approach of "you can't win them all" and by then my knitting had progressed! I mean I know stocking stitch as well now! I don't use it very often, but I know it! 
But when I found it lurking at the back of one of little Knitwits cupboards, it all came flooding back to me. The memories of being a first time mum and of making something for my baby, placing it into the boxes of things we'd gather for him and waiting for the day I could give it to him in person. Now this little guy was in danger of getting thrown away , or at the very least harvested for parts! But now he has a very special place in a box of old baby things that I just can't bear (no pun intended) to throw away! He might not have been a favourite of little Knitwit but this little flat bear will always be a favourite of mine.
Even in the picture you can tell he's not impressed!
I would also like to add that this teddy does not look that evil. So it is possible I can make stuffed toys that haven't been possessed by the devil! Unlike this and this.
Have you kept anything that you made for your little ones? Even if they didn't like it or use it?
Much Love

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