Sunday, 25 May 2014

Star Wars: Return of the Knitting

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away....... one of my most favourite customers placed her third custom order with me! (She's a beaut that one) and this time when she asked me instead of being worried, I became so excited I squealed at my phone! Something that is fine in your own home but entirely inappropriate when out and about in public!
But basically she asked me to make her a knitted Yoda! I kid you not! YODA! For anyone who doesn't know who Yoda is, he is an incredibly wise, little green, Jedi in Star Wars! And possibly the coolest character ever created!!!!! (I realise this description doesn't help at all, so I recommend you rent the films. You will have the time of your life!) But anyways this is what Yoda looks like and an example of something wise he might say.
Strangely enough Yoda actually reminds me of my Mum. In a GOOD way! This is just the sort of advice she gives me when she's trying to motivate me into believing in myself! But she's definitely not as wrinkly as him. 
Anyway enough of the soppy stuff, here's what I made.
He photographs a little weird but he's actually a lighter green and his light saber is detachable so you can , erm, play with him. Which I totally didn't! Not for long anyway!
Posing by the door in case the Sith attack!
His Light Saber can go in his hand or his belt! Every Jedi needs storage! 
He even has his own hood! Well sometimes even Jedi Masters have to be sly!
I definitely think he falls pretty high on the adorable scale! Cant say I'd ever thought I'd be knitting Yoda but I had so much fun making him! Incidentally I made my own pattern again but have it written down just in case I ever need to recreate him! He was also the surprise under my packaging post here!
Sadly Yoda isn't a part of Pinterest fortnight , but come back later for Day 5 ! If I ever get it finished that is!
Much Love
May The Force Be With You

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