Saturday, 10 May 2014

Attack of the evil Bear!

I'm starting to get worried about my crafting mental well being, everything I make is turning out , well, evil!
I should probably explain, it all started with a picture I found on pinterest (Its origin is here by the way)
Isn't he cute! I immediately wanted one! So I searched online for a pattern, this project went from Ooooh, to pattern, to cutting, to stitching at light speed!
I found this pattern also on pinterest, and immediately cut my felt.
Now in the gung ho style that is most frequently associated with Mr.Knitwit I decided I didn't need instructions and sort of went for it!
Luckily I already had a caramel coloured felt in my stash , and I stuffed it. And this is what he ended up looking like.
Do you see the evil in him? That eye! That pointy nose!
I don't blame the pattern I used at all, in fact I'm sure its me after the bunny rabbit incident, which I've already mentioned in a previous post. I'm starting to worry that there's some sort of evil spirit demon trapped inside me, trying to get out!
This is the standard horror movie dead body shot. Complete with broken legs.
I even tried to make him look cuter by giving him a tail!
But that ended up looking like a , well we all know what it looks like so I think I'll just leave it there.
But I'm terrified about what going to come next .
A rag doll that looks like Chucky?
Or like the creepy doll from saw!
Think I might give handmade toys a break for a while, before I terrify some poor child.
or some poor adult!
Much Love

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