Saturday, 30 August 2014

Knit till the yarn quits...

It's finished! I added the last couple of rows about half an hour ago and immediately put on a full face of makeup so I could take some photos without terrifying the life out of you all! I took a readers advice and knitted until the yarn quit! Definitely I motto I'll be using on future projects! 

It's a big boy, I haven't measured it but it's about six inches shorter than me! It's still super fluffy and is long enough to wrap round, or loop through! (I stand stand stumpy scarves! I have no idea how to wear them!) 

Please excuse my mane of hair! It's wild at the moment! Life was so much easier when if was short! 

On the sickness front little knitwits cold has turned into a very nasty cough and he is feeling VERY sorry for himself, he gets that from his father! But he's fairly content quietly playing cars and watching  cartoons! Although I'm started to go a little bit crazy from it all! I actually said whoopsie daisy yesterday. Not sure if my rock and roll image will survive, although the knitting might have already put an end to that! 

Much love 


Aka - the 80 year old women!!! 


Friday, 29 August 2014

How long is a scarf?

Just when one gets better, the other one comes down with something! Yes after mr knitwits bout of sickness little Knitwit has come down with a cold (which made him sick last night, I'll tell you something my washing machine hasn't had this much action in a long time) so most of my time has been spent....
1: giving sympathy and yes both boys needed it. The bigger one more so than the little one!
2: keeling the house well aired to get rid of germs, massive fail as little Knitwit now has a cold! Sometimes I think I'd be better just dousing the place in bleach!
3: catching up on crappy telly between spongebob square pants and top gear. Yes both of the boys love these shows.
4: wiping snotty noses (lil knitwits not mr knitwits)
5: knitting, in fact this has been my view pretty much all week! 

But I'm sincerely hoping that everyone will be well soon! I'm sick of Whiney men!

However I was happy when my wool dealer came for a visit bearing gifts. Mr knitwits nan had found more treasures for me and that what has been used on this scarf! 

It's super duper fluffy! But quite easy to knit with! Sometimes fluffy knits are just hard work! 

However I have reach what I call the infinity part! You no where it's not six inches long anymore but where it just doesn't seem to be growing ? No matter how many episodes of the Simpsons you continually knit through? 

I've never made a fluffy scarfs like this though, my mother has . She made it for me. There was a huge trend for fluffy scarves at my high school and I desperately wanted one. So my lovely mummy brought the wool and spent two days making me one! I lost it that week. 

I'm not sure if she's forgiven me yet ! 

Hopefully I'll have more luck with this one! 

Much love 



Wednesday, 27 August 2014

This is the end. I'm sure this time....

Mr Knitwit has been unwell. The day after his birthday in fact. Luckily little Knitwit was already having a sleep over at his nanny a so I didn't have to worry about him. The other bigger baby though , he was feeling well and truly sorry for himself. Poor lamb! So whilst he spent the day in bed sipping water and telling me that this was the end and that he was going to die ! I did a whole lot of nothing! I watched a sex and the city marathon, did some drawing, watched a dance moms marathon and knitted some booties!! Not productive but at least relaxing! I got two pairs made up! 

A super adorable pink pair! With lace bows and...... 

A fluffy blue pair! With blue lace bows! I also downloaded a free stitch counter app for my phone! And it's wonderful! No more hunting around for a pen! No more counting of rows and loosing paper! Just swipe and go! So much easier!!!

Anyway mr Knitwit appears to have made a full recovery. Well at least he's been well enough today to have a go with his new game! 

Men and illness eh?

Much love



Saturday, 23 August 2014

Three little monsters

I actually finished these yesterday but as usual something else ended up being done instead of blogging! 

The pink and grey one are done in super soft wool and the blu one is in regular wool. I like doing monsters there's a bit more freedom than with owls, 1 eye , 5 eyes, 1 tooth a mouth full of teeth! The possibilities are endless! Anyway I'm back to a day of hard graft mr Knitwit and his friends are laying patio slabs outside and I'm trying to help. But I'm fairly sure I'm more of a hindrance!

Much love



Friday, 22 August 2014

And then I saw the baboons bottom....

Today's post is not craft related, (pauses for audible gasps of shock) today I thought I'd change things up a bit and tell you about our family excursion!

We went to Knowsley Safari park! It was mine and little knitwits first time at a safari park, much to mr knitwits disgust (the man didn't grow up with a messy box growing up but apparently my safari park virginity was shocking) anyway here's what I thought. From a travelling perspective the park was well sign posted and easy to get to. When we got there we got through the gate easily, we had pre booked online so got a nice lil discount and little Knitwit was free! We started off buy driving through the park which was really nice, and because it's a private road little Knitwit got to drive! 

And we got to see a lot if animals! 

And then we got to my favourite bit! The monkey enclosure there's two driving options the car friendly route (which I would recommend if you drive a car that has every been on to top gear cool wall ie. a porche) this route keeps your car and the monkeys separate. 

And then there's the other route where the monkeys can basically destroy your car! They climb all over which is great fun and little Knitwit thought it was hilarious! Luckily we only lost the back wiper 
blade, however we did see a car being towed away! 

After the drive we went to see the other attractions they have rides but little Knitwit was too little. However we did cost the bug room, see the giraffes and go into the bat cave ( the bat cave is a must as the bats fly a lot lower than at other places).

We also saw the sea lion show , which was long enough to be worth waiting for but short enough that little Knitwit didn't get grumpy. And we all found it entertaining! Sadly I got no pictures from this point as my phone had died! 

I packed us a picnic so I'm not sure what the foods like but the gift shop was awesome! Look what I got! 

I have a stuffed animal obsession (laugh all you want but I'm not ashamed!) and little Knitwit got a puzzle! 

As far as days out go this gets a big thumbs up in my book! It's easy to find your way around and there's stuff there for adults and children! My only quibble would be with the toilets, they weren't opening 10 minutes of saving private Ryan bad but they weren't the ritz either. I can be a bit pedantic about weeing  though so maybe it's just me. And we did visit later on so it could have just been as a result of the days foot traffic! 

But all in all a great family day out!

Have you ever visted Knowsley? Or somewhere else good?

Much love


Wednesday, 20 August 2014


I'm definitely getting into this blogging by phone malarkey, at this moment little Knitwit is eating his breakfast, so I have five minutes to blog! The only problem is I can't actually see if anyone has read it on the app, I have to go onto the laptop for that! So hello are you there? Is there anyone out there! 

But it is saving me time so I think I'll risk that I'm talking to myself! 

Anyway that's enough of me talking to myself! Here's what we as a family got done yesterday:
• little Knitwit learnt to colour white and blue
• we had a massive bag of sand delivered! 
• mr Knitwit shifted a stack of garden slabs, I ahem watched/supervised.
• I posted a parcel from my first ever etsy sale! It's been a lonnnnnnng time since I set up and I was starting to loose heart! But it's finally happened!

• I nearly finished mr knitwits birthday shopping (and yet again I'm more excited for his birthday than he is )
• mr Knitwit painted one fence panel, it was suppose to be my job but apparently I'm a 'messy' painter. 
• and I made this (notice how mr Knitwit takes care of DIY and I do the sewing) 

It's for the craft fair I'm doing and I like to think that it's something that could be used in summer or winter. I think I was inspired by all the 'frozen' things that are still floating around! (I still haven't actually seen 'frozen' yet, but my expectations are getting higher by the day. So i can't wait till it pops up on sky movies!) 

I added some bead again, I just think that beads and embroidery is such a beautiful combination, and I'm a sucker for anything sparkly.

Right I'm going to have to toodle because baby Knitwit has nearly finished his breakfast so it's clean up time at the zoo! But before I go what do we think of the embroidery hoop art thingy that's happening? Take a look on Pinterest there's loads! I think it's awesome I love the look of a peice of embroidery in a hoop! 

Much love



Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Owl hats and horrors...

I nearly had these finished last night but we ended up watching "the hills have eyes" instead. For someone who believes that everything in life should be colourful and cute I actually enjoy horror films quite a lot (although "the exorcist" had me screaming with laughter rather than terror) But I did not enjoy "the hills have eyes" it was just a little but too messed up for my liking, and about halfway through I wished I had just stayed down stairs and finished of my projects.

Instead I managed to get them finished this morning whilst Little Knitwit was having a rare quiet moment! 

This is owl hat number 1, is super soft and what I would call newborn size! I love the splash of orange it really makes it pop!

And this is hat number 2 , also done in soft wool and the same size. I've got  2 more hats knitted up but they are destined to be monsters! Other than that I've done some embroidery that I want to add beads to but I'll have to wait until I have a little Knitwit free moment. Toddlers and beads do not mix! 

Right I'm off to try and get the horrible images out of my head from last nights film! Why do I let mr Knitwit talk me into these things? Horrors would be so much more pleasant with a couple of owl hats thrown in, don't you think?

Much love

A terrified Frankie 


Saturday, 16 August 2014

I can hear the royal ballet calling

I remember quite clearly taking ballet when I was younger. Safe to say due to my lack of elegance and grace, and my inability to walk 5 steps without it sounding like a hoard of elephants, I was fairly rubbish. To the point where one day my Mother pointed out that my sister was better at ballet when she took it, and seen as I had always considered that my sister was the only person more ungraceful than me, I quit. 
I did love the outfits though, still do. Any opportunity to wear a tutu and I'm there. I even sailed the Menai straits in a tutu once with some school friends. 
I also think that little girls in tutus are the cutest thing ever! Nothing makes me smile more than a baby in a tutu! Which is why last night (whilst watching Bridget jones) I made eight little girl tutus! 

This is only two of them.

I couldn't take more pictures because Little Knitwit asked me very nicely to come and play castles!

Which is where I'm blogging from! Yes a pop up castle! Little Knitwit was brought it by his god mother and I don't think either of us have been out if it yet! So I'm blogging from my new iPhone and using the blogger app! I'm hoping this will give me more freedom to blog when I have five minutes and I won't have to mess about getting laptop cables and procrastinating on Facebook/Pinterest/twitter! So what do you think? Can you tell the difference between laptop Frankie and phone Frankie? And how's the picture quality looking? I usually use my slr camera but I think I'll carry on using that for bigger projects and just use this for updates!

Must toodle , little Knitwit has decided that he doesn't want to read his book anymore and that a dragon is attacking the castle!

Wish me luck

Much love



Friday, 15 August 2014

Follow the Signs

I'm lucky that Mr Knitwits Grandad is very good at DIY and so lovely that I don't think he's said no to one of my requests yet! I've phoned him at 7 in the morning when the electric box thing has tripped (do you see why I had to call?) He made me a washing line prop and the last thing he made me was this little beauty.

I'd been hankering after a sign for my up and coming craft fair , so I batted my eyelashes and asked if he could make me a little something. He whipped this up in an afternoon, you cant really see but its got a hinged back (like a photo frame) so it stands up by its self. I couldn't stand it up for the pictures though because the glitter was still drying (couldn't resist a bit of glitter). He gave it to me with a blank front so I could decorate it myself, and I used the same owl that's on all of my packaging.
It also has all of my relevant information on it (I'm tempted to add my phone number but im not sure if I want it out there)
Etsy : KnitWitsOwls
Twitter : @KnitwitsOwls
Pinterest : Frankie Carson
Now I have a HUGE stack of sewing to do
Much Love

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Buzz Off

I cant remember the last time I did any proper drawing or illustration work. In fact I think the last time I picked up one of my fine liners it was to write down a doctors appointment. But ill been asked to do some sketches so here I am. Trying to find my groove, Trying to get comfy and trying desperately to get the worlds noisiest fly out of the room. Yes that's just my luck, I wait all day to get Little Knitwit off the sleep and before I know it something else is buzzing around me! Can't win.
There's a lot more work to be done on the piece as a whole, but I'm hoping I might find some time to do some more knitting today (I've got another hat on the go!)
In other news Mr Knitwit finally upgraded my phone. So if your not already following me on pinterest and twitter, get on it! And prepare yourself for a heck load of tweets and pins! I'm also now on instagram, and although the stupid technology wont let me add a button you can find me at knitwitsowls! On instagram you can expect adorable pictures of little Knitwit and adorable pictures of owls! Like this one!
According to little Knitwit they are mummy's babies and they are having a snuggle!
Right I'm off the brutally murder the worlds loudest fly.
Much Love


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Lazy Knitting

Sometime you just need something mindless to knit, no pattern just row after row. Nothing complicated basically knitting without thinking.
This is what I made when I needed some mindless knitting last week,
I used the same colour change wool that I used for both of my buckle scarves, but I made this one a lot longer and just kept it straight. It turned out really pretty and I'm glad I kept it simple, the wool is so interesting that I think anything too complicated would just look silly! It was so nice to knit this, the wool knits up so easy and I felt like it took me no time at all! It was a very satisfying project.  
Apart from knitting this, I've made two hats (which need to be decorated), done some sketching and cut out a lot of aprons to sew! I'm starting to get really nervous about the craft fair I'm doing. I just hope that all goes well with it and I'm organised enough otherwise you might end up reading a alcohol fuelled blog post filled with melancholy.
Also two bouts of news have rocked the world, the first being that Robin Williams has died, I always loved Aladdin as a child and my thoughts are with his family at this time. And we have also found out that the beautiful Lauren Bacall has died, when I was younger I became infatuated with the glamour of Hollywood and she was one of my favourites, my thoughts are also with her family.
Much Love
And cherish each other

Monday, 11 August 2014

I Can't Believe It!

My name is Frankie and I'm a stay at home mum,
But I do kind of like to think that there's something else that I 'do'. My name is Frankie and I knit adorable kitsch, kooky original and sickeningly sweet things and when I show people what I make the responses usually fall into one of three categories:
  1. Oh it's adorable I want one! Please make me one!
  2. Oh its lovely, hang on its how much!?
  3. You don't sell those? Who buys them? Their awful! Surely they don't sell? 
  4. The people who don't get it, but they respect it (Mr Knitwit falls quite solidly into this group)       
Now obviously response 1 is my favourite, usually I respond by blushing uncontrollably, to the point where I look like your nan after one to many sherry's at the family wedding.
Response 2 irks me a little. On the one hand, they like what I make, but on the other hand they don't think I'm worth the price. Which to be honest upsets me a little bit, if they don't think I'm worth the price, what about when I've given them as gifts? Are they worth less then as well? Well I've come to realise that these people are just ignorant of the amount of time and effort that goes into making something that's handmade. Sadly I don't knit like one of the shreddies Nannas, it does not take me an hour to whip up an owl, it takes a darn sight longer and that's on a good day. I sincerely hope that these people learn the joy of handing over something well made, original and handmade, or that at least their own family members don't spend hours knitting and sewing should the group 3's ever have a child of their own.
Now if group 2 irks me, group 3 sends me into a mild/less than mild rage! For starters please don't comment on my things like your some sort of fashionista and assume that everyone hates them and secondly pleas don't talk about them like that and especially in front of me, trust me I am under no delusions that what I make is everyone's cup of tea. But everything I make has a part of me in it. I give every make 100% and nothing leaves my house till I'm happy with it!
Which got me thinking (and yes that is burning you can smell) How many people are sat out there able to make things but suppressed by the group 3s of this world? How many Knitting Nanas and young people who can just 'use' a sewing machine people who draw and sketch but won't put themselves out there for fear of rejection?
A very wise teacher once told me, "you can call yourself an artist when you've sold your first painting"
Well World/internet/blog land/small group of people who return to my little space of the internet that's full of ramblings
My name is Frankie and I am an artist and crafter. I paint things and I sew and I knit the most sickeningly kitsch, sweet, adorable and darn right kooky things you can imagine! And they sell, sometimes they sell well, and sometimes I have lulls. But each of my customers is pleased and I always do my best so please don't rain on my parade!
And if you are a closet Knitter/sewer/painter BREAK FREE! Put yourself out there! As someone once said , "If you don't reach the moon you might just land on a star!"
In other news I made a scarf today (which I was going to blog about but this verbal stream came out instead!)
Much Love
And embrace your passions!


Saturday, 9 August 2014

Oh No!

"Oh No" is one of Little Knitwits favourite sayings, however it was not what I chose to say this morning when I realised that the post I had written yesterday had not published instead it had just deleted itself. Needless to say the language I used was shall we say a little more descriptive?
So what did I post about yesterday? Well I posted my Friday finish , and I assure you my post was entertaining and witty. I actually think I might have been at my funniest yesterday. But alas today, nothing is funny I have been rushed off my feet, I've got commissions coming out of my ears and I've been having to go and pick up more supplies, I.e felt. Although I did buy a massive stack of felt its two and half inches high! And I massive stack of felt never fails to put a smile on my face. 
So here's what I made for my Friday finish.
I've been seeing at lot of hoop art on Pinterest and Esty and I think they are the cutest thing ever! Seen as this was my first one I opted for a little owl (I'm fairly sure I can draw owls in my sleep now, in fact it wouldn't surprise me if I woke up one morning and found my bedroom walls covered in them.)
The hoop size is three and a half inches across so its super small and cute! I've actually seen these used as decorations on Christmas tree so I'm tempted to make a few more!
It also gave me a chance to practise my embroidery stitches, and I always forget how relaxing I find embroidery.
Right I'm off, I've got to get back to the grind. I have so much to do today!
Much Love
A very busy Frankie!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

It's beggining to look a lot like..... Don't even say it!

I was reliably informed today via Facebook that there is 139 days till Christmas! And that Selfridges has already opened there Christmas department! I couldn't quite believe it until I thought about all the things I need to do before Christmas. Ideally I'd like to make some more things for around the house, specifically a calendar for the boys.
I can't find the source for this image but I think its a good base for the sort of thing I want to try, my idea is to buy a large set of blocks something like this.
And to put a few blocks in each pocket every few days and sweets in the other pockets so that the boys can build it together (and yes when I say boys I do mean Little Knitwit and Mr Knitwit).
I think it'll be cute and they'll both enjoy doing it.
I try to make something for us every year, last year (or the year before?) I made these,
I brought blank stockings from Hobbycraft (I can't remember how much they were but I do remember they were very reasonably priced) and put our names on them using self adhesive felt letters. I also embellished each stocking with bits of trim and bells! I'll try and get better pictures of these when they go up in about 109 days?  
I think I might get started early on crafting this year seen as our tradition seems to be, to all come down with some horrible bug the week before Christmas. Last year it was horrible head colds, Mr Knitwit got rid of his early but me and Little Knitwit felt awful for days. Although Mr Knitwit did become poorly again on Boxing day, we were suppose to have a nice roast with family but ended up having a KFC which I collected in my onesie. We are a classy bunch!
Much love
And remember 139 days and counting!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Recieving Handmade

Some of my favourite gifts have been handmade, especially when Little Knitwit was a baby. We received a lot of knitted and crocheted items. However it did leave me with a small issue, I can't throw away something that someone spent time making! For starters these things are far to lovely to end up in a charity shop or in the bin and secondly I would feel too mean! I know how long it takes for me to knit a scarf let alone a blanket! however this means I get to show them to all you lovely people!
This blanket was knitted by my Momma, its a cot sized, basket weave design. And I'd love to say that she offered willingly but I might of ahem, demanded it but I'm fairly sure she didn't mind. This blanket was finished quite hastily seen as Little Knitwit decided he wanted to be an early bird! Its also got his name and date of birth embroidered on it! 
 This blanket is technically a christening blanket! I have no idea what design it is. All I know is that it looks like lace and is absolutely stunning, This was made by Mr Knitwits Nan, (and she offered, no demanding) Although the pattern was chosen by Mr Knitwits brother because I was being indecisive.
This is a large granny square crochet blanket and was made by a friend of Mr Knitwits Nan, Isn't it lovely that someone I'd never met and Mr Knitwit hadn't seen in years, thought to make something for us when our baby was born? Makes me feel all fuzzy inside!
 This was made for us by Little Knitwits, Godmothers, Nan (you following? I feel like some of these connections need a diagram) It's a smaller blanket than the others so was perfect for the car seat. Its got a lot of lovely stitches in it and washes beautifully. (That sounds really old lady but how something washes is a big deal in this house!)
 This blanket has been officially dubbed to Liverpool blanket (Mr Knitwits a big fan) It was also made Mr Knitwits Nan. It was originally made for the travel cot at her house but it didn't seem to be used very often, which was a shame because of all the work that went into it. Enter Frankie, I gladly took it off her hands (in my defence she offered) I always use this one! Mainly because its darker so its perfect for going on walks, and its been very much admired by the old ladies of my home town. And they liked the baby as well.  
 This is another car seat sized blanket and I believe its crocheted in some kind of shell pattern. This was made by the wife of someone Mr Knitwit used to work with. I was so surprised when she handed it to me especially as it was the first time we'd ever met! This one also looks like lace its really pretty.
This is a pram hood also made by Mr Knitwits Nan (are you getting the sense that she's quite the knitter? She's like my idol!) All I can say about this is it used to make Little Knitwit look like a 1940's baby and I begged Mr Knitwit for a silvercross pram to match (a vintage one) But apparently buying a new pram to match a hat is unreasonable. 
This is the last item and one of the most special. I have no idea who made it, where they made it or when. This cardigan was donated to the neonatal department of Leighton hospital, so that when a family came in which their premature, tiny new baby they would have something to put them in. Its very simple and must have been quite quick to make but when the nurse told me it belonged to my baby and that we could take it home it meant the world to me. And Little Knitwit looked super cute all bundled up in it!
Obviously as soon as the rest of the knitting brigade knew what size the new baby was, they picked up their needles and started clicking. I think Mr Knitwits Nan must have made at least 10 pairs of premature sized baby booties to keep her great grandsons feet warm!
So that's just a small selection of items that I've kept, I just hope that when I show them to Little Knitwit in 10 years time he appreciates the love and hard work that went into them. And doesn't just ask me if he can have a biscuit.
Much Love
And nostalgia over how big my baby's gotten!