Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Okay so its confession time, I'm a Pinterestaholic! I actually cant stop pinning things ! I looked today and I have nearly 300 pins on my inspiration board! I daren't even think how many more I have in my other boards and secret boards, (everyone has secret boards don't they? Like say five of them? Nope just me? Okay then......)
But I realised everything I pinned, I like, everything I've pinned I've thought to myself, ooooh I'll try that. But I haven't? So what's stopping me? I have enough time , I've started lots of silly useless, unloved projects but nothing solid. So I wonder has pinning them put them to the back of my mind? Unlike the old days when I had to remember what I wanted to make and how to make it all on my own.
So I decided , drumroll please!!!!!!!!
I'm making this my Pinterest fortnight everyday (well nearly everyday I'm not wonder woman!) I'm going to start or finish a project that's inspired by my Pinterest boards! It could be knitting, it could be sewing, It could be fashion, but its definitely going to be handmade!
And this is what I started with for Day 1
This little guy is a tattoo design I think and he came from here. Credit where credits due I think its a beautiful design and I thought it would make a lovely piece of embroidery. 
I decided to tweak the design a little bit and add some colour because I am obsessed with sugar skulls at the minute! But here's what I did as my embroidery piece.
As with all my embroidery I used my grandmothers embroidery hoop, its huge and wooden and sturdy and that wing nut keeps everything in place nicely! Its definitely one of the best sewing accessories I own! And I have absolutely no clue where it came from or how to get another one! Good job I have a spare!
 I love the flower details around the eyes and the bold colours!
I finished this guy up pretty quickly because of how much I liked the design! It took me one evening and about half a day of stopping and starting stitching. And little Knitwit helped! Well by helped I mean play with my thread for about half an hour telling me the colours! Now I finished it fast but it's currently in my work in progress pile! Getting ready to be turned into a cushion so it can make fly! Its way into my new etsy shop!
I cant wait for the rest of pinterest fortnight! If you'd like to follow me on pinterest you can find me here! I always follow people who follow me so feel free to join in and start pinning!
Much Love

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