Sunday, 11 May 2014

Tooth Fairy Pillows

Now I don't know about you , but I've heard that some times its an absolute pain in the bum for the tooth fairy to exchange teeth for money, especially when the child is a light sleeper or decides to stay up all night waiting for them! Which is why when I heard about tooth fairy pillows I knew I had to make one! (even though little Knitwit isn't quite at the losing teeth stage yet!)
I tried to make this as simply as possible so I used felt so I wouldn't have to hem it and the edges wouldn't fray.
  I embroidered my sons name onto a piece of self adhesive felt, ie. felt with a sticky backing. I would not recommend this! Sticky back felt is an absolute pain to work with, it made my needle sticky and was a pain to stitch through , I personally would only use this kind of felt for children's crafts, with cut out shapes and no sewing. But anyway I fought with the felt until I was sort of happy with how it came out and put it onto one of the squares.
I filled with a little bit of stuffing, and I made a twisted cord and attached it by hand!
Then you just need to fill with cash! Which causes a whole controversy of its own! Apparently 50p is too little and £5.00 is too much! So where's the middle ground I ask? What the going rate for a tooth nowadays? Guess I'll have to ask the fairies!
Much Love

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