Monday, 12 May 2014

Waga waga, waga waga etc... *eaten by ghost* bing boooowooel....

I love PacMan and luckily for me I live with a man who can only be described as a gamer nerd! So I made him something very special to make him smile!
Isn't it adorable!!! This was cross stitched onto cross stitch fabric I think its called "aida"? But I might be wrong. I see lots more nerdy cross stiches in my future! The heart was drawn freehand and the letters for the names were out of the needlework book that I got for Christmas! (But I'll show you that beauty another time!) The border was made to look like the little pills he eats! AWESOME!
I'm already envisioning new ones.........

This bad boy is on etsy 

The pattern for this can be found on pinterest
And this can be found at the address mentioned!

  Might just have to go and get my nerd on!
Much Love

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