Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Here's To Looking At You Kid

Its Day 8 of Pinterest fortnight and we have our first fashion make! Well I say fashion its more of an accessory.
So today we are looking at scarves, or to give them their new name, Cowls? Yeah I'd never heard of it either. I think it basically means a scarf in a loop? Which I personally think is a brilliant idea , having a small child, anything that reduces my risk of strangulation should he want "UP" is a winner in my book!
Here's my Pinterest inspiration.
I think this is cabled but either way I'm in love! Its actually still available here on Etsy.
I think this is plaited not cabled? And I think it can be found at
Now I obviously made my own version! But I decided to use blue purely because as a mummy a darker colour is much more wearable than a pale one. No one looks good with [Insert food stuff here] stains.
I would also like to apologise for the photos they are not posed, that's my I'm going to throw the camera out the window face!
  Wonky photos, so they look arty of course! Not because I'm cack handed.
I used four different shades if blue, to add texture!
I quite like this one! it makes me look like I know what I'm doing!
And some nice on the floor shots! I used a three strand plait , I was tempted to do a six strand, but even I knew that wasn't going to go well!
I actually think the buttons might be my favourite bit? the blue one is the only one I had and the two beige ones were re-purposed!
Its really lovely to wear and perfect for brightening up a dull day like today!
The blue button reads Casablank, hence the post title! SO glad I saved it, I think it really makes this project!
So that's Day 8 of Pinterest fortnight and I guess it counts as me made may as well!
Much Love

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