Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Yes Another Sewing Book

I've had a very crafty shopping day , I brought stationary and stamps and wool but best of all I received this! A late Christmas present off my mum and dad but boy was it worth the wait!
The Great British Sewing Bee, sew your own wardrobe book! I was apprehensive at first because I'd heard the first one wasn't very good and so far I've only had a flick through, but it looks amazing! simple language , clear instructions and beautiful patterns and pattern sheets included! I cant wait to start on projects! I've already got a few ear marked.
Love the casual look of this but I'll probably belt it.
I can see a fair few of these in my future and maybe even one extended into a mid length dress. Which I'll be able to do seen as the book includes altering patterns !
If only my little boy was still baby sized , I would be all over this!
This might actually be the first thing I make! I already have a dress very similar to this and I wear it constantly but it would be nice to have one in a different colour way!
I know he's not a project but oooooft!
This will hopefully be a nice step back into sewing clothes for me, I haven't done any for years and when I did it was more of a Hodge Podge job than proper garments that I could wear out and about. The book looks really easy to follow so hopefully they'll be less of this in my life when I'm following patterns and sewing clothes.
 Although I do have this little guy if things get too frustrating, for instance when you sew the wrong side together , or the bobbin runs out or the thread snaps!
Isn't he adorable and he makes sewing so much easier now I can channel my rage! And pretend he's people I don't like! He was so simple to make I used my ginger bread cookie cutter as a template , made the arms and legs a little skinnier , blanket stitched the edge and stuffed him with.... ahem.... scraps off the floor. Well want not waste not! And then I gave him a little heart I could stab! Repeatedly!
He He its a little bit evil but I love him!
Much Love

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