Saturday, 31 May 2014

I'd Love To Stay But I Really Moustache!

It's Day 11 of Pinterest Fortnight and today we have a recycling project! Woop! Every now and again I have to take a long hard look at my wardrobe and decide what to do, these moments usually come when I realise I can't close it or that the rail is going to fall down! When I do I make three piles , Keep, Charity, Fix/Remake. Now the Keep pile is always the biggest (obviously) and the Charity pile is usually the smallest but the most intersesting is always the last pile. And this is what wound up in the fix/remake pile today!

You can't really see the stains here but  assure you they were horrific!

I brought this clutch in a closing down sale YEARS ago for my brothers wedding, and let just say after the wedding this purse had a hard life! Now I like to think that I look after my things BUT, this purse was mainly used in the years between turning 18 and getting pregnant with Little Knitwit! So it got fairly abused! If this purse could talk! Well actually, judging by some of the stains on it, if this purse could talk it's language would be a little slurred at the least!

It needed a little bit of TLC and some updating!

So without further ado here's our Pinterest inspiration!

Moustaches seem to be so popular at the moment , in fashion and in home accessories! Sadly I cant find the origin of these cushions but there lovely all the same!

I painted it red to get rid of the stains! and to give it a new lease of life! Thankfully it dried a lot darker!

And here's the finished result!

I added a moustache using self adhesive felt! It's perfect and I love it! I actually can't wait to take it out with me! And its even better knowing its the only one in the world!!!!!
Now i really Moustache!
Much Love

Friday, 30 May 2014

Oopsie Daisy

Day 9
So I was a little bit naughty yesterday, there was no blogging yesterday, in fact there was no crafting yesterday! Instead their was just lots of fun to be had with Little Knitwit and Mr.Knitwit!
So I'm taking this as Day 9 Pinterest Fortnight inspiration.
I did nothing! yesterday , knitting was left untouched, my sewing machine stayed under its cover, I did no washing or mopping or dusting!
Instead we played, and rode bikes, and had kisses and cuddles and tickles! And lots of good old fashioned family fun! Which I think is very important! So I am counting this picture as Day 9 as Pinterest fortnight!
But I'm back today with Day 10! And its another accessory! I think everyone has something that they like to knit without even thinking. You know the project you do at three in the morning when you cant sleep? Or waiting in line at the bank? Mines flowers but I wanted to do something productive with those flowers!
Here was my inspiration.
I  know there felt and not knitted but I just love the colours and the textures! It can be found here.
And this is just so perfect! Now I have a love/hate relationship with this blanket! It's the sort of thing I don't think I could make and just sell. This sort of blanket is the kind of thing you make for your own baby or a baby you know your going to love very much. Or is that just selfish? I wish so much that I had seen this picture when my niece was a baby , her mummy would have loved it!
So I compromised and turned my flowers into! Brooches!
Now I love a good brooch but they seem to have dwindled out of fashion recently. Hopefully they'll make a come back!
I made two, I small yellow one and a large blue one! Now I don't like to play favourites but the blue one takes the biscuit for me! They are hand knitted with beaded centres and felt leaves!
Yep blue definitely wins it for me!
Now here come the posed pictures, and a small confession! When I did my cowl blog post, and decided to do a picture of me in it. I MIGHT have tweaked my makeup and hair a little bit, and put on a clean cardigan. Actually that's I lie, I applied a full face of makeup and did my hair and picked out a matching cardigan, for pictures on a blog. Turns out I am a lot vainer than I originally thought! That was until today when I realised I couldn't actually be bothered to apply makeup and do my hair so I just sort of used the camera to cover my face? Life is to short to spend every five minutes re applying your lip stick!
I did put a coat on though so you could see it in action!
Also today is my own Darth Vader Birthday, so Happy Birthday Daddy!
Much Love

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Here's To Looking At You Kid

Its Day 8 of Pinterest fortnight and we have our first fashion make! Well I say fashion its more of an accessory.
So today we are looking at scarves, or to give them their new name, Cowls? Yeah I'd never heard of it either. I think it basically means a scarf in a loop? Which I personally think is a brilliant idea , having a small child, anything that reduces my risk of strangulation should he want "UP" is a winner in my book!
Here's my Pinterest inspiration.
I think this is cabled but either way I'm in love! Its actually still available here on Etsy.
I think this is plaited not cabled? And I think it can be found at
Now I obviously made my own version! But I decided to use blue purely because as a mummy a darker colour is much more wearable than a pale one. No one looks good with [Insert food stuff here] stains.
I would also like to apologise for the photos they are not posed, that's my I'm going to throw the camera out the window face!
  Wonky photos, so they look arty of course! Not because I'm cack handed.
I used four different shades if blue, to add texture!
I quite like this one! it makes me look like I know what I'm doing!
And some nice on the floor shots! I used a three strand plait , I was tempted to do a six strand, but even I knew that wasn't going to go well!
I actually think the buttons might be my favourite bit? the blue one is the only one I had and the two beige ones were re-purposed!
Its really lovely to wear and perfect for brightening up a dull day like today!
The blue button reads Casablank, hence the post title! SO glad I saved it, I think it really makes this project!
So that's Day 8 of Pinterest fortnight and I guess it counts as me made may as well!
Much Love

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

You Are Always On Your Mobile

Its Day 7! I am officially halfway through Pinterest fortnight! (And yes I do wish it had just been Pinterest week!) Todays craft is another baby one, but more shockingly it's actually coming to you at a reasonable hour of the day! No rushing for me today, Its already Finished! And I've nearly finished tomorrows as well! Honestly if you could see the smug look on my face right now , you would want to punch me!
But enough of punching me in the face! Here we go! We have three inspirations today!
A very adorable baby mobile from Here, I cant believe how simple but stunning this is!
How many animals?! I here you say, but don't worry I'm not an over achiever I didn't make this many animals! Although if anybody has made one of these please let me know where you get your patience from and send me over a bottle! This beauty can be found Here.
And lastly we have this one from Here on Etsy but sadly it is no longer available but there are lots more lovely things in the shop! 
Now if you haven't already realised todays projects is a baby mobile! I decided to base mine on my signature animal , OWLS! And just to warn you these owls include sequins. This make was literally a sparkle fest from beginning to end!
I apologise for the pictures I couldn't find anything to hang it off , so I had to settle for a door handle! All the owls bar two are also facing the wrong way!
Because of the beads on the strings, the owls spin around sort of by themselves and in light breeze, or if you move near it. I have been told this is something to do with physics? But I prefer to think of it as crafty magic!
Each of the owls is completely different! They have sequin and bead eyes and other bead details and some even have embroidered wings!
They also have little hearts on there tummies, I wish I had taken a picture of them all lined up before a sewed them on! Then you could see the variety of personalities!
Everything was hand stitched, my sewing machine has stayed firmly under its cover! And the string were hand knotted to keep everything firmly in place.
It's also quite easy to untangle, I learnt this the hard way after leaving it in my workbag.
Just spotted and actual pin board at the back of this picture! Coincidence? I think not!
All in all I LOVE it , I can see many more of these cropping up around the place, it was such a relaxing make! And its always nice to know that there isn't another one quite like it in the world! I'm hoping to pop this up in my Etsy shop as soon as I have a spare moment.
See you tomorrow for the second half of Pinterest fortnight! What will I do with myself when its over? Probably allow myself to recover I'm dreaming of pins, felt, wool and sequins!!
Much Love

Monday, 26 May 2014

Well Arn't You a Little Smarty Pants!

It's Day 6 Ladies and Gentlemen! We are nearly half way through Pinterest Week! And I'm absolutely amazed that I'm managing to keep up!
So without further ado! Todays inspiration!

The origins for these can be found here. Now the reason I was drawn to these is because they are so obviously made for boys! And having a Little boy myself, I know how hard it can be to find awesome stuff for boys, there is always a huge selection for girls , but its always very limited for boys!

Now I'll start off by saying that mine is not half as adorable as these , but I know why! So I'm going to do a remake at some point after Pinterest Fortnight!

The problem is the green I think the reason they look so darn adorable is because of the tweed and plaid patterns that are used.

At least it gave me a chance to work on my baby bib pattern though! I'm fairly happy with it, I just need to add a couple of inches to the bottom and round off the corners a little.

I'm really pleased with the fastening though, I did a press stud / snap fastening, because I always preferred them on my sons bibs, but I covered it up with a button to match the theme of the project a little better.

The bow is perfect though! So adorable and perfect for special occasions! I can definitely see more of these in my future but with a better material choice and a little more length! They will be so perfect for giving as gifts to all the little babies that keep popping up!

Keep your eyes peeled for the remake on these!

See you tomorrow for the halfway point!

Much Love



Sunday, 25 May 2014

Lord knows I'm a voodoo child baby

As the title of this post may give away, todays Pinterest fortnight projects is voodoo baby!

So its Day 5,  and todays inspiration comes from of course the legendary Jimi Hendrix.

And of course from this picture on Pinterest.

Pretty adorable for a freaky little doll hanging from a tree huh? Sadly this another one I can't find the origin for and its such a shame! Especially thinking about all the hard work the creator must have put in to him!

Now this is mine I wanted something a little more on the adorable side.

He's a dinky little fella, about 9 inches in height maybe a little smaller.

He's having a bad day, missing an eye....

Stitches in his arm......

Cuts all over his body

and an exposed heart!

 But he's still smiling! Now why am I fascinated with voodoo dolls?

1. There a bit strange, and I've always been fascinated by the stranger more mysterious elements of life?
2.Who wouldn't want to stick a pin in someone every now and again?
3. Because (especially with the cute ones) you see these little guys covered in pins, stitched up , broken and scarred but still holding things together! Obviously that's not what there actually made for the real reason is far more sinister. But in my mind, my little guy reminds me that not matter how broken, beat and scarred (<sly music reference) you are, you can always carry on with a smile on your face and your heart on your sleeve chest.

I think I might just like my reasons for making one a little bit better.

Much Love



Star Wars: Return of the Knitting

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away....... one of my most favourite customers placed her third custom order with me! (She's a beaut that one) and this time when she asked me instead of being worried, I became so excited I squealed at my phone! Something that is fine in your own home but entirely inappropriate when out and about in public!
But basically she asked me to make her a knitted Yoda! I kid you not! YODA! For anyone who doesn't know who Yoda is, he is an incredibly wise, little green, Jedi in Star Wars! And possibly the coolest character ever created!!!!! (I realise this description doesn't help at all, so I recommend you rent the films. You will have the time of your life!) But anyways this is what Yoda looks like and an example of something wise he might say.
Strangely enough Yoda actually reminds me of my Mum. In a GOOD way! This is just the sort of advice she gives me when she's trying to motivate me into believing in myself! But she's definitely not as wrinkly as him. 
Anyway enough of the soppy stuff, here's what I made.
He photographs a little weird but he's actually a lighter green and his light saber is detachable so you can , erm, play with him. Which I totally didn't! Not for long anyway!
Posing by the door in case the Sith attack!
His Light Saber can go in his hand or his belt! Every Jedi needs storage! 
He even has his own hood! Well sometimes even Jedi Masters have to be sly!
I definitely think he falls pretty high on the adorable scale! Cant say I'd ever thought I'd be knitting Yoda but I had so much fun making him! Incidentally I made my own pattern again but have it written down just in case I ever need to recreate him! He was also the surprise under my packaging post here!
Sadly Yoda isn't a part of Pinterest fortnight , but come back later for Day 5 ! If I ever get it finished that is!
Much Love
May The Force Be With You