Sunday, 25 May 2014

Lord knows I'm a voodoo child baby

As the title of this post may give away, todays Pinterest fortnight projects is voodoo baby!

So its Day 5,  and todays inspiration comes from of course the legendary Jimi Hendrix.

And of course from this picture on Pinterest.

Pretty adorable for a freaky little doll hanging from a tree huh? Sadly this another one I can't find the origin for and its such a shame! Especially thinking about all the hard work the creator must have put in to him!

Now this is mine I wanted something a little more on the adorable side.

He's a dinky little fella, about 9 inches in height maybe a little smaller.

He's having a bad day, missing an eye....

Stitches in his arm......

Cuts all over his body

and an exposed heart!

 But he's still smiling! Now why am I fascinated with voodoo dolls?

1. There a bit strange, and I've always been fascinated by the stranger more mysterious elements of life?
2.Who wouldn't want to stick a pin in someone every now and again?
3. Because (especially with the cute ones) you see these little guys covered in pins, stitched up , broken and scarred but still holding things together! Obviously that's not what there actually made for the real reason is far more sinister. But in my mind, my little guy reminds me that not matter how broken, beat and scarred (<sly music reference) you are, you can always carry on with a smile on your face and your heart on your sleeve chest.

I think I might just like my reasons for making one a little bit better.

Much Love



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