Saturday, 31 January 2015

Finished Megan dress!

Here we go again with some awkward posing! I finally got around to photographing my finished megan dress from the love at first stich book! 
I used some blue stretch suiting that I brought from Minerva fabrics after Christmas! 

I like that it's a very basic lil blue dress! And that I can dress it up or down! 

The other plus is that it's stupidly comfortable! I think it's down to the slight stretch that the suiting had! Althought that did mean I had some small fitting issues with it being far to wide! The only seams on this dress that aren't French are the side seams from where I had to alter  them. 

The combination of the bodice and the darts in the pattern are stupidly flattering! 

I'm pleased with my zip too! I'm definitely getting better that the whole construction think! 

All in all I'm really pleased with the dress! I even wore it yesterday to look around a primary school for lil Knitwit! Sadly we got there to find that the school was closed because of the snow! Note to self always check for closures on the radio!!! 

Much love 



Friday, 30 January 2015

I'm pretty sure I could be a surgeon now....

Does anyone remember me saying how much I would love a copy of 'grays anatomy' a few weeks ago? 

Well as it goes one of mine and my mums lovely friends also happens to read this blog and had a copy! that's she wanted to get rid of! And therefore gave to me! PEOPLE ARE AWESOME!

EEEK! I love anatomy I kind of think that the human body is one of the most beautiful devices ever. 
And I'm in love with the illustrations!!!!!

please excuse my nails, they are what my mother would call skanky

I mean seriously could gross insidey stuff look prettier? maybe its the black and white! It makes me want to go and cut people up to see if that's what it really looks like!


but not in like a weird murdering sort of way....

more like an "oooh arnt your insides lovely" kind of way....

oh wait that's still creepy

maybe I'll just trust in grey and assume he's pretty accurate.

and then everyone stays intact!

Much Love

Frankie (the butcher)

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Shortened Delphine skirt

So I finally got around to shortening my delphine skirt from love at first stitch! And I'm now happy to report that I no longer feel like a librarian when I wear it! 

I'm still having some fit issues at the waist but it's just so nicely done on the inside that I don't want to ruin it! 

I've also managed to find a black three quarte length sleeve top to wear with it so I'm nice and toasty for winter! 

Those of you who read this blog may remember that I used the very last of my grandad Robert fabric! How lucky is it that this pattern only requires one metre of fabric! I thought the brown was quite grandpa but I love it now! 

Much love


P.s why does it always take me longer to alter a garment than to actually make it? 


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Skinny Clemence photographs

So I finally got around to taking some pictures of me actually IN my skinny clemence skirt from love at first stitch! 
Sadly mr Knitwit has sullied my plain background with this! 

So now I get to take my pictures against this! 

Which feels pretty cool to be honest! (I put that decal up by myself by the way!) 

Anyway please prepare for some awkward posing! (And lil peeks of my remote shutter) 

I wear this skirt all the dammed time! It's stupidly comfy! 

I'm not quite sure why I look like I'm trying not to fall on this one! 

This is what I'm typically wearing it with my new denim jacket! I've missed having a denim jacket makes me feel nostalgic for the 90's all my sisters friends had denim jackets! 

Anyway that's my skinny clemence can't wait to do a full one! 

Much love



Monday, 26 January 2015

Nannys been spoiling me!

After hearing that I was determined to learn to crochet this year Mr Knitwits Nan was nice enough to buy me a book about how to do it!

Now I could show you all of the beautiful blankets that are outlined in this book but to be honest wouldn't we all just rather revel in the beauty of this bad boy!

I mean seriously! its like the best blanket I have ever seen in my entire life! Its made up of flowers! OF DAISYS! I am going to learn how to crochet and I'm going to make this!

Thanks Nanny for spoiling me! YET AGIAN! Seriously the woman's a legend!

Much love



Post Holiday Report!

I'm back from our family holiday! and we had a wonderful time! And I coped for 4 days without a hairbrush! Yes only I could be completely dim and forget to pack a hairbrush! And to be honest my hair survived surprisingly well considering the amount of swimming we did! I guess the cave girl look suits me!

But it is confession time! you know that wonderful John Lewis knitting kit I packed for the holiday? well I didn't actually do it! Instead I practised my crochet!

sadly I dint have pictures of all my efforts as most of them got ripped back! but I do have a pictures of two that were vaguely successful!

these little circles make me far two happy! this is the first time I've ever done any crochet that actually looks like it might be crochet!

hehe hopefully I'm on my way to being able to follow a pattern and then maybe make some pretty things!

another thing worth mentioning is that before the holiday I was a lovely mummy and picked us each up a magazine! (mainly because I wanted a magazine) Mr Knitwit got top gear, lil Knitwit got mister maker! and I got the February issue of Sew magazine! which includes this free pattern! Simplicity 1699

I cant wait to have a go at making the jacket! I think it could have a really great channel vibe if I used the right fabric! and I'm going to try and make the trousers and be brave! And the dress is pretty cute too! in fact the only thing I don't think ill give a go is the peplum top? I'm just not a huge fan of peplums to be honest, although I do have one great peplum top in a knit fabric (RTW).

Anyway I have orders to do and a humongous pile of holiday washing!

Much Love


Lil knitwit the big 3 year old!

This post comes to you from the past....
Yeah I wrote it yesterday and scheduled it to post today (your yesterday not mine!)

this post was supposed to go out on the 24th January my lil boys birthday but due to a temperamental internet signal it failed to post!

My beautiful baby boy turns three today! He's very excited about the presents and more specifically his BIFDAY CAKE !!! 

Here he is when he was first born! 

My tiny lil 5lb3oz ball of warmth! He was immediately taken to the bro natal ward because of his low temperature and then stated due to his difficulty feeding, (hence the tube!) but he pulled through and is now a lively and lovely lil boy! And a lot of that us due to the support of the neonatal nurses at Leighton hospital, in particular a lady called Anne? Who bundled him up and switched off his hot cot in the hopes that he would hold his own temperature! She took a risk and it payed off for us! We got to take him home a whole month before scheduled! 

This is me in the first days of being a mum! Not too tired becuase I wasn't doing the night feeds, but in heaps if pain and worried about my ickle baby! (And yes he is wrapped in my cardigan to help him stay warm!)

But anyway back to his BIFDAY CAKE! which is going to have CANGLES! For him to BWOW out! 

I didn't have much time so I opted for a toy story one from disney sweets and treats and added a 3! 

Complete with woodsy sheriff badge! 

And his face! 

This was actually the quicker I've completed a cake from these magazines but I'm pleased with the result, I think it's because it's a simpler cake! I've also created a new resolution to bake once a week whilst lil Knitwit is at nursery hopefully this will satisfy my sweet tooth and justify my subscription to disney sweets and treats!! 

Much love 



Friday, 23 January 2015

Holiday knitting!

Today has been chaos! In fact this entire week has been chaos! 

We've been preparing for lil knitwits 3rd birthday and the holiday we've booked for it. 

Cakes have been made
Cases have been packed
Presents have been wrapped! 

It's all been a bit crazy! However in the midst if the crazyness I did manage to find myself some holiday knitting! 

Momma Knitwit picked these up in a charity shop for me, they are the pattern and items needed to make two panda mittens! the box had been opened and about three rows of knitting had been done but otherwise it was complete! Including a needles both for knitting the item and sewing it together.

£1.49 BARGIN! 

it says 7+ on the box which I'm hoping means I'll finish it! And not flounder! 

The only thing that worries me is that I have to make two! I've heard of second sock syndrome I wonder if you can get second mitten syndrome? 

Much love 



Monday, 19 January 2015

I'm not exhausted, these bags under my eyes are just for a trip I'm taking....

Okay so, complete overhaul of the kitchen? Done! 
Complete move of all fabric and stock into new sideboard? Check! 
One small Knitwit getting settled after a few nights of bad dreams and a nasty bump on the noggin? Hmmmmm nearly! 

To say it's been hectic is an understatement, mr Knitwit has been off so technically I have two children to look after and give attention to! 

But I did manage to get this finished! (And some clothes but my tripod hasn't arrived yet!) 

It's a campervan cushion cover! 

I used a selection of fabrics in a sort of hippy approach! 

I opted for a heart instead of the traditional vw symbol! 

Some headlight action! 

And some mismatched buttons for the back! 

Hopefully I'll be able to get back into the swing of blogging and making now that the house has had an overhaul! And hopefully that ruddy tripod will show up soon! 

Much love 



Thursday, 15 January 2015

A room without books is like a body without a soul...

I have good news! My wireless remote for my iPhone has arrived! So i can take photos hands free! (I have a backlog of clothing makes and alterations to show!) bad news my tripod hasn't arrived yet! So I still haven't been able to photograph them! 

I have however been on major house sort mode, I've tided the cutlery drawer for Christ sake! 

I also put my books into order.

The order being the lets not topple over order! 

Yeah it's quite a varied bunch! 

Fashion through the ages, tilly and the buttons, marvel encyclopaedia! Quilts! 


Anatomy!..... What I love anatomy actually if any family members are reading a copy of greys anatomy has been on my wish list for a while now! 

I've also got a great book in there that's quilt simply filled with victoritian advertisements which I think might inspire some embroideries soon!

I am a firm believer that the more books the better so I thought I'd share some that are on my wish list! (Apart from greys anatomy) 

Pattern magic - from what I've seen this book will blow my tiny mind. 

Gertie sews vintage casual - what can I say she's one of my girl crushes (yes I said one of, your allowed more than one!) 

Pattern making - this is something I definitely want to learn this year! It's on my to do list! And hopefully this book with help, although something tells me that pattern making includes GASP maths! 

Much love



Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Having fun!

Sometimes you've just got to sack off the hard stuff and do something fun! Which is why this morning I made the kitchist possible cushions I could ( pictures to come!) and did some fun drawing! 

It's not finished but I like the whimsical style! And the fact that it's colourful! 

And the daisy is so darn cute! 

Much love 



Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Piling on the pressure

Okay so I have been doing things, I just haven't been able to blog about themyet because my amazon order hasn't turned up yet!  (Oooh cryptic!) I've actually made to mimi blouse from tilly and the buttons and I've nearly finished my megan dress! Although I am having to take two inches out of each side seam, and I have no idea why? When I made my muslin it fit beautifully and now it's like a sack! Can't win! 

Anyway other than that I've been drooling over crochet projects. 

Amigurumi Crochet Cuties Pattern via Etsy’s AnaPaulaOli

(I'll add the links to these as soon as I've found the original sources) these have now been added! 

I love the look of crochet especially the blankets! But sadly I can't do it! I just can't do it! Seriously it's a problem! But this year I am determined to learn! I will master the art of crochet or die trying! (Wow I am having an optimistic Tuesday morning arnt I! 

I just hope that this time I can crack the crochet code! 

Much love 



Saturday, 10 January 2015

Sweet mother of Martha Stewart!

I'm in craftseller magazine! Well at least my owl is, my actual face isn't present! Craftseller contacted me last year saying that they liked my stuff and would I write in and tell them more about how I got started! 

And voila! 

Seriously! I practically danced around tesco! We'd only popped in for lightbulbs when I went for a flick through the magazines and thought that looks familiar! I'm so pleased and proud! I immediately phoned momma and daddy Knitwit and they went and picked up a copy as well! 

In other less owls news I'm taking part in the vintage sewing pledge 2015. 

I Frankie Carson of pledge to finally make the vintage pattern my dad brought for me when I was 15 (and to not be a wuss about it! ) 

Basically when I went to the goodwood revival one year I had a massive knee infection, couldn't wear heels and had to walk with a stick. I was miserable and the tablets made me sleepy so I spent most of my time in pain or asleep and bless em mummy and daddy broughte a vintage pattern to cheer me up! Which has been sat in a draw since becuase it's terrifying! 

So hopefully this year I'll be a big girl and sew it up nicely! 

Much love 



Friday, 9 January 2015

He plays play station and I sew, we don't speak, we just silently accompany each other....

The title pretty much sums up me and mr Knitwit during lil knitwits nap time! 

It gives me a good chance to embroidery or knit and fully relax, just me and my thoughts! 

This is what I'm working on at the moment. 

I started it just before Christmas, but I have no idea what it's called it's basically white stitches on white fabric with wadding In between, I originally thought it was called white work but I'm pretty sure that's to do with lace? 

It's good fun though and it's nice not to have to think about colour! After all wouldn't life but a lot easier if everything was black and white?! 

I free handed the design using one old my traditional embroidery books as inspiration! 

In other news lil knits transitsion back to nursery went smoothly, and we got Netflix! YAY! I love a good box set! 

I've already started on gossip girl (which gives me major clothing envy! And hair envy! And well everything envy! 

And me and mr Knitwit have started American horror story, we watched episode 1 last night and well it's a bit strange! But it does had Connie Britton, who also gives me hair envy! 

Any other TV series recommendations?

Much love