Friday, 31 October 2014


It's Halloween guys! This is where to ghosts and ghouls come out to play! Anyway I shall be detailing what lil Knitwit will be dressed as tommorrow becuase I haven't quite decided yet! Bad I know! 

But we did carve our pumpkin yesterday! As per tradition! I picked and hollowed out the pumpkin and my Knitwit carved it according to my design! 

Here's our pumpkin in the beggining! (Yes I chose the biggest one I could find!) 

And here's it carved! I brought a candle to go into it today so I shall be posting a photo of it on Instagram later! 

Then I made pumpkin soup in my slow cooker ! I chucked in loads of pumpkin, two potatoes, a big carrot, a tomato and the last of the sweet corn! 

Wanna know who hates pumpkin soup? Mr Knitwit! 

Wanna know who else hates pumpkin soup? Me!!!!

Our hopes rested on young Knitwit! 

Especially seen as we had three cartons of the dammed stuff! 

Wanna know who likes pumpkin soup!? Not little Knitwit, little bigger spat it all over my floor! 


Anyway apart from that I've been embroidering Christmas stocking decorations! 

I have 16 to do! Best crack on! 

Much love 



Thursday, 30 October 2014

Expanding my library!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge fan of books! Especially reference books! And even better than that free books! 

These came to me this week from Mr Knitwits Nan, she wasn't using them so they made there way into my grateful hands! 

It's basically two books filled with cross stitch patterns and projects! And I mean filled! 

Lavender sachets to keep your panties fresh! (Washing as advised as well)

Oh a snowflake! I'm getting a bit snowflake obsessed at the moment! 

Various fonts! Always useful to have!

Baby booties! These are super adorable! 

Anyway it's been a while since I've done any cross stitch but at least now I'll have a multitude of patterns to choose from! 

These have been added to my book stack (I'll have to show you that another day! But it's pretty big!) 

Much love 



Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Looking Forward to Christmas!

After making my mum her little snowman last Christmas, and doing my stockings the year before that, I'm already starting to look towards this Christmas and what I want to make!

Anyway I'm not excited this year id say its more a determination to be organised, I've already decided what I'm getting my family and we've actually brought some things for Mr Knitwits family (should make a nice change to last year when we were finishing his shopping three days before Christmas!)

Anyway apart from the advent calendar that I'm tempted to make for the boys I've been looking at other Christmas things on pinterest. And two things have jumped out at me!

okay not the craftyiest thing in the world but it feels like it might be pretty useful in future! in fact I might even incorporate it into some nice Christmas packaging for Knitwits owls! this can originally be found at

But this is the one I really like!

I mean I think its a perfect way to show off some lovely Christmas fabric! And I know a Christmasaholic who might quite like one! it seems fairly simple as well I just think it would be a matter of making sure the finishing was beautiful! This actual item was available on etsy however its sold now, but this is the shop that stocked it

So now I might just have to start one of these!

After I've finished my orders of course!

Much Love



Monday, 27 October 2014

10 things I wish I'd known/thought of before I started my own buisness

I went out last Friday and was very much surprised when my friend describes me as owning my own business. I very nearly spat my lemonade (I was driving) at him to be quite honest. And then I thought, well I make things and those people but those things, and if they want something making they ask me and I make it? And then I looked at my accounts book (back off mr tax man trust me it's nothing to write home about) and although I'm not rolling in it, I mean your not gonna see me driving a BMW any time soon but I am making money! Actual money! (Yet again mr tax man seriously! I'm not even close!)

So that's makes me I guess a albeit small  business owner.... I guess .... If you think about it. 

And well I kinda like it , I guess I just didn't realise how much work it would be running at one woman company! So here's my 10 things I wish I'd thought about!

Disclaimer: these are for purely comic value, trust me I am no Alan Sugar, for starters I'm much prettier! 

1• it will take over your life, I'm not joking! I once thought I might find the time to jog twice a week, my trainers are pristine! If you get my drift! Now I have to work by hierarchy! Little Knitwit, knitwits owls, boring household crap! 

2• it's all in the name! I spent months trying to think of a good name , and I'm glad I did! I use it for everything, email,twitter,Instagram,blog,etsy,Pinterest! Next on my list if Facebook! But to be honest that's a bit scary for me, becuase then more people that I actually know will know that this is what I'm actually doing! 

3• you will need support! From the ones who cheerlead to the ones who quietly praise you when you don't know, it's nice to have people around who say "hell yeah you can do this!" 

And if you can dress them in funny clothes? Even better! 

4• you don't have to spend money! 

See those? My little business cards? Printed by my mum on paper that's slightly thicker than normal! Do I want proper buisness cards? YEAH! Do I think they are cost effective now? NO! Do these home spun ones tell people the exact same information? Yerp they sure do! Don't be afraid to cut costs every now and again! 

5• don't be afraid to spend money! (See what I did there with four and five being opposites?)

Hands down the best desicion Ive made was to buy some cushion inserts and some embroidery hoops. They are both very popular items! Don't know why it took me so long to trust my instincts !

6• know your worth! Yes this means maths! I have lists of how long and what materials I use! So I know what everything costs! Stick to your prices! Yes some people might not be willing to pay £15 for a hand knitted owl! BUT I've sold a lot of them to people who are! Don't sell yourself short because a friend wants a bargain! 

7• be nice to customers! We are not talking automated service here! I mean we're not corporate! But a , please , thank you and a smile never hurt anyone! 

8• don't harass! It's very rare I share my blog posts on Facebook, instead I like to see other people sharing if they like what I've written! And I don't always share my makes either! Although if you follow me on Instagram you will find lots of pictures of what's going through my sewing machine! And the little guy who lives on top! 

9• keep up to date! Sometimes you'll be sat twiddling your thumbs and other times you'll have a list of orders! DONT PANIC! I like to work in order of what's come in. And I start immediately! No faffing around! Remember customers appreciate comunication! It gives them confidence in you! 

10• have fun! So it all goes west and nobody buys anything? Aww well hard luck! This is a once in a lifetime thing! Try and think of it as doing it becuase you love doing it! Not becuase you want to make money! Money is what keeps the corporate world spinning. Friendship, creativity, respect and heart is what keeps the small buisness world going! And remember if it's all getting to much just have a giggle, at yourself or at someone else, just let it go and enjoy your time! 

Much love! 

And good luck in the big bad world! 


An official (small)(very small) business owner! 


P.s it's official because a man at the pub said it! And those guys know everything! 

Sunday, 26 October 2014

I want to play a game.....

Mr Knitwit loves horror movies, and after a little while I've learnt to love them aswell. I'm not a huge fan if blood and gore (he is) but I do like the ones where's there's a good phycological plot. 

Now the "saw" movies cover both bases, there dammed disgusting but there's actually a really good story behind them! 

Anyway they are mr knitwits favourite movies so when he found the #sawartchallenge being advertised on Facebook his first words were: 

"Art? You could do that!"
"You know if you want"
"I'm not bothered , if your not busy" 
"But have you umm seen the prize" 

So being a soft touch and the worlds best girlfriend I did this for him and entered! 

The brief was to do a piece of art inspired by the world if saw! Not bad for a mornings work! 

I'm not getting my hopes up though I've seen some really awesome stuff so far, including a beautiful oil painting of the main character! 

Much love



Saturday, 25 October 2014

Spoiling myself!

Every now and again a girls gotta spoil herself right? Well I had to at least! 

I brought myself this cute little bag from amazon, the description said owl but I think it looks like a fox? Am I right or just going crazy? 
It's quite a good size and the quality isn't too bad for not I paid for it (literally a few pounds)

In other news I've started ANOTHER embroidery! Yes it's an addiction, no I don't want to enter your program.

This is my outline it's loosely based on an  image I found on Pinterest that has since disappeared! 

As it's so whimsical I'm gonna try and stash bust my embroidery threads on this one. 

Yerp that's all the left overs from a LOT of projects , I don't like throwing things away okay? Yes I acknowledge this is also a problem . No I don't want help with this either. 

It's not very far along at the moment becuase I've been super busy with orders! Yerp my order book is filling up for Christmas!  I'm willing to give anything a go (you in the back stop giggling) so email me if you have a project! I'm only taking on projects I know I can have done on time so I don't know how long my order books will open for! You can reach me at and remember no project is too big or small!!

Much love 



Thursday, 23 October 2014

Why Grandma what big lies you tell!

Once upon a time a little girl visted her grandparents in Ireland (for anyone who's not following I'm the little girl) 

No sooner than she had walked through the door she was presented me with a beautiful handmade doll (did I mention this is based on a true story?)

I'd like to introduce you to Rose, a lovely fabric handmade doll that my grandmother gave me the first time I visited her and my grandfather in Ireland. 

She has a sweet little hat and cape (both hand sewn.

And apron and a dress as well as..... 

A little removable petticoat! Isn't she sweet! And everything on her is hand stitched by my grandmother. Apart from her hair, my grandmother had some help with this from a friend. 

I personally made this doll hundreds of outfits (none of them survived) and I think it's where I gathered my basic knowledge of clothing construction! And although she doesn't have any of my clothes I still have everything that came with the original doll. (Proud look at me looking atfer my toys moment)

See now you confused about the title! Yeah see I'm right aren't I?! Well you see as my grandma gave me this beautiful doll I remember quite clearly her saying "I made her just for you" you get that? 

"Just for you" 

Well that's funny grandma because I wasn't actually alive in 1982, I wasn't even brewing. In fact this doll was released 10 YEARS before I was born! 

I also love that she's from woman's weekly! Wonder if they still do things like this?

So grandma I think it's a little more likely that you started her for my big sister and didn't quite get her finished, and then picked her back up and finished her for me! 

Thanks though, I had great fun playing with her when I was younger, and I'm pretty sure I loved her and enjoyed her better than my big sister ever would have done! You have been better off sewing her a motorbike.

Much love

A nostalgic 



Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Finished Delphine!

Its finished! Even after my embarrassing sewing the wrong sides together incident!

And as promised we have some gawky photos! I feel like my awkward side was really on form today!

As I said yesterday I used the very last of my Grandad Robert fabric! Which kind of makes me a little sad but happy at the same time!

I tried my very hardest to stick to the instructions! (apart from with the zip, but I wasn't going to let my lack of an invisible zip and a zipper foot slow me down!)

and I think it turned out okay! well at least I'm pleased with it! sadly I don't have any pictures of the inside but I am SUPER proud of my waistband stitching! I stitched in the ditch for the first time ever and boy I stitched that ditch good!

The only trouble I've really had is styling it! I'm actually wondering if I should hem it again and make it an inch or two shorter! I tired it with a couple of tops, including my Breton stripe cardigan and my lovely sheer blouse! but I just kept looking like a librarian (probably because I never usually wear this style) so in the end I opted for Mr Knitwits white shirt ( he never wears this shirt because it makes him look like he's done a bunk from school! Oh the pains of having a baby face!)

Right so I LOVE this pattern its beautifully written and I love that it only requires a small amount of fabric! I'm not sure if its entirely my style but I have plans to wear it tomorrow for the nursery run so I guess ill just have to see how comfy I feel! I know I want to make at least one more! Mainly because I have an awesome idea for a variation provided I can find the right fabric!

I'm so glad I decided to work through Love at First Stich at a steady pace, I can actually feel myself getting better and more confident in what I'm doing! Which is awesome!

Much Love



Monday, 20 October 2014

The best laid plans....

Okay so the plan was to finish my delphine skirt today, take a few gawky photos of me in it and then sit down and relax whilst congratulating myself on a job well done. 

That didn't happen, I encountered some ahem, problems.

For starters this happened

Yes folks that a right side to WRONG side seam , so that had to be unpicked.

Then I had to improvise my zip a bit becuase I couldn't be bothered to go out and buy and invisible one, so I just used what I had. And to make matters worse my zipper foot is missing in action!

I'm neatly stitching it down so it becomes invisible! 

I also had to take time out today to complete two orders! 

These are a set of my floating wine glass coasters (I'll go into detail about these tommorrow) 

Don't you just love the packaging though!!!! Super cute! 

Right I'm off for a well earned rest! Bashing out two orders in one night isn't easy!

Much love



Sunday, 19 October 2014

Starting on Delphine!

Okay so today I.......

Got ready to visit my big sister 

Selfies happened! 

Visited my sister took a good look at the pattern we will be making together! 

Consumed Krispy kremes 

Watched little Knitwit play drums 

And traced and started cutting out the delphine skirt from love at first stitch! 

I managed to squeeeeeeeze it out of the last of my grandfathers suit material!!! (Which kind of makes me sad becuase now I only have scraps left ) 

I cannot believe this pattern only requires one metre of fabric! And in my humble opinion more patterns should use this amount! It's gonna make for a very purse friendly pattern! 

I've cut all if the pieces now and in itching to start sewing! 

I hate it when I have to stop and start however it does mean I take more care and pride in what I'm doing so end up with a better garment! 

Now I just need to decide what to do as my variation! After having a good wardrobe rummage, I'm desperately trying to make myself some more wearable clothes! Especially with winter coming! 

I also made a start on little knitwits Halloween costume! I was going to buy one but they all just look so cheap and tacky and there never seems to be much for boys his age! They are either terrifying or babyish! And he didn't want to be anything scary (actually he wanted to be a football but we've compromised) 

Anyways hopefully I'll have a finished delphine to show you tommorrow! 

Much love



Friday, 17 October 2014


Sometimes crazy ideas pop into my head, and after watching itv's Cilla I found myself googling the Beatles and listening to some songs, and then well to be honest u found myself googling John Lennon and yoko and trying to work out if yoko really did spilt up the band (no idea to be honest) but I did get a bit Lennon obsessed and then this happened. 

The drawing is entirely my own, and well this is actually the only copy I didn't draft an idea or anything I just drew straight onto the fabric. 

I used a variety of embroidery stitches including learning how to do French knots! 

I had a blast doing this piece and I think it will probably end up as a cushion which I will pop into my etsy shop. 

However sewing this did make me feel a little bit sad, it seams such a shame to me that anyone who tries to change the world for the better inevitably ends up dead or injured, John Lennon, Martin Luther king, bob Marley to name but a few. 


Frankie (who might be channeling her inner hippy at the moment!) 


Thursday, 16 October 2014


It never rains but it pours, I've had some bad news today about a family member, and needed something simple to seek comfort in. And to take my mind off things. So in a moment of madness I added the last two triangles to the quilt I've been doing for the past three years. 

It maybe took me 15-20 minutes to add those last two triangles?

The entire quilt top is done using English paper piecing, and guys I know it ain't pretty. In fact I'd probably go as far as to say it's the most hideous quilt top I've ever seen, but it is full of memories. 

Work shirts 
Party dresses
Baby shirts
Grown up shirts

Its going to be the official poorly quilt, and will be perfect for telling stories to little Knitwit for when he isn't feeling his best. 

I even got round to sandwiching it today, which I did in my usual slapdash manner. 

Either way some simple sewing definitely helped today. 

And me and little Knitwit did some baking today! 

Here he is stirring flapjack mixture

And licking the bowl 

With enthusiasm 

And washing up! Stood on a bucket! 

This little guy makes every day special! 

Much love