Friday, 9 May 2014

Cinderella Story

I despise housework, I mean actually hate it! The idea of hovering brings me out in a sweat , dusting? Hives and don't even mention ironing.
 But I've found a way to motivate myself, an incredibly old fashioned and sexist way to make myself do it! I wear an apron, in particular this rather fetching half apron, or pinny as my mum would call it.
This was entirely hand stitched , not a sewing machine in sight and it was made out old pillow case , how very make do and mend! Well actually it was a brand new , perfectly usable pillow case that I was given when we moved into our house. But Mr Knitwit (He's going to love that) couldn't bear the idea of sleeping on a PINK pillow case! Because he's a BOY! I personally didn't realise that pink bed linens could dent a mans masculinity so badly but apparently I was wrong!
Either way I ended up with some fabric , so YAY! It's got a long waistband and ties, which are about two metres long, I'm a double wrap kind of girl! The flowers are hand applique. Usually I don't make my aprons out of pillow case but this one was just for me! And I knew I wouldn't mind.  
And I love it! In this I am the perfect housewife, I'm Betty Draper, I'm Bree Van De Kamp, I am a Stepford Wife. In short I'm this women.
Look at how she juggles her chores ! With ease, grace and poise. Brandishing her Duster like a magic wand!
At the end of the day, this 1950s apron won't make me want to clean. It will encourage me for a while just like the series "Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners" did , then the novelty will wear off.
But given the choice clean or knit another owl or sew another apron then I'll always make the sensible and grown up decision.
And get my knitting out!
Much Love

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