Friday, 31 October 2014


It's Halloween guys! This is where to ghosts and ghouls come out to play! Anyway I shall be detailing what lil Knitwit will be dressed as tommorrow becuase I haven't quite decided yet! Bad I know! 

But we did carve our pumpkin yesterday! As per tradition! I picked and hollowed out the pumpkin and my Knitwit carved it according to my design! 

Here's our pumpkin in the beggining! (Yes I chose the biggest one I could find!) 

And here's it carved! I brought a candle to go into it today so I shall be posting a photo of it on Instagram later! 

Then I made pumpkin soup in my slow cooker ! I chucked in loads of pumpkin, two potatoes, a big carrot, a tomato and the last of the sweet corn! 

Wanna know who hates pumpkin soup? Mr Knitwit! 

Wanna know who else hates pumpkin soup? Me!!!!

Our hopes rested on young Knitwit! 

Especially seen as we had three cartons of the dammed stuff! 

Wanna know who likes pumpkin soup!? Not little Knitwit, little bigger spat it all over my floor! 


Anyway apart from that I've been embroidering Christmas stocking decorations! 

I have 16 to do! Best crack on! 

Much love 



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