Friday, 10 October 2014

Short and sweet!

As the title suggests I'm going to keep this post fairly short 1. Because I'm sleepy and 2. Because I had blood taken today and it's made me feel less than amusing.

You see that little dot? No not the mole the other little dot? Yes the tiny red smudge that looks like barely anything!!!! That's where I had blood taken today, and it hurt like a mother! and to help matters I'm a massive baby about that sort of thing too! and I had an Hour long wait in a queue of elderly people (seriously I was the youngest person there! And apparently the only one who doesn't have a little baggy of sweeties stashed away!) But no seriously I was the only person under the age of fifty, I actually heard the phrase "I wish they'd just take me out back and shoot me!" Four times! FOUR TIMES! Got to love the elderly! 

Anyhow after my blood test I went and dropped off an owl with an old friend! And ended up with an owl in return! 

Which you can see here! 

And then I finished this owl cushion cover off! 

I'd had the peices cut for ages but I didn't really love it so I kind of put it on the back burner for a bit. 

And now I'm still a bit like hmmmmmmm, but no I do like it. I just think it's that it's so different to the one I did last time! Anyway now it just needs to actually be made into a cushion!

Anyway I'm going to go and wallow in self pity over my arm! 

Much love 



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