Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Everybody vogue!

I got an email a few weeks ago from my lovely sister and it went something like this "I really wish I could sew I love this coat!" 

And well one thing led to another and now we are both making this coat, together. There is a vogue sew along happening for this coat but there is no way in hell we are going to be able to keep up with that so we doing our own sister sew along! (Cute right?) 

Here's my sister 

I've grown a little since then.....

Anyhow after much discussion we actually went and purchased fabric on Sunday! We decided to go to abakhan fabrics in Stoke on Trent. Although we were slightly worried becuase they didn't seem to have a huge selection on the website, I am so glad we weren't put off going they had a Brillant selection and as always the staff were Brillant! Sometimes fabrics shops can be quite iffy but the people at abakhans are always knowledgeable and just generally lovely and helpful! 

Sadly I don't have a picture if what my sister brought, but it was a nice teal velvet for the outer coat, a silver silk for lining and some blue organza and blue velvet just because "their pretty" that's a direct quote! I think I might of created a monster! 

I got! 

Some red cotton to complete orders.

A beautiful boiled grey wool for my coat

And some nice slippy pinkish , reddish, purplish material for my lining. 


Some striped  polyester drapey type material just becuase "it's pretty"! 

I also got some buttons for my coat 

I had a wonderful time shopping and thank you to momma Knitwit who also came with us and offered advice. And also thank you to handmade jane who gave some recommendations via email when I was panicking about where to find fabric! 

Now we just have to make a start 

(Sobs in corner) 

Much love 



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