Saturday, 11 October 2014

Remember when....

Do you remember a few months ago when I hinted that I was doing some very special super secret projects? 

Well here's one of them! I'd like to introduce you to Mr and Mrs Cat! 

Aren't they sweet? I was asked to do these as a custom order , for an actual couple who were getting married! The grooms mum had seen my owls and requested some cats!! 

And do you want to know the very best thing about cats? They have tails so you can do this!!! 

I attached press studs to the backs of their heads an tails so they can be entwined! Or 

Apart! (Everybody needs a little space you know!!!) 

Bride kitty features a full net skirt, sash, jewelled choker and veil and tiara! 

And mr kitty features a top hat, bow tie , one of those weird shirt thingys and a little button hole! 

I've got to say I love doing things like this! Where I can just try and make thingsas sickeningly sweet as possible! 

Now I do have plans to make another cat bride and groom set to pop into my etsy shop, but if you can't wait Mr and Mrs Owl are still available here
 Or if you specifically want cats (or another animal!!) don't hesitate to ask!!! By the way I also do bride and bride and groom and groom. Here at knitwits owls we believe love is love no matter what's happening downstairs! 

Much love! 



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