Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Stealing the Show

Today's craft comes from little Knitwit today not me!

The lucky little boy was given a magazine by his granny (momma Knitwit) this week,
The magazine was the cbeebies art one and as well as being filled with lots of cutting and sticking ideas, and colouring but best of all it came with this little craft kit! 

Now don't get me wrong I love a good craft session, where there's paint everywhere and I'm left finding glitter for weeks! But sometimes you just need something quick and easy to do with kids which is why this is perfect, it's a self contained craft kit! Seriously everything you need is in the little baggy! 

It contained build your own Pom Pom monsters and I'm happy to say little Knitwit basically did the entire thing himself in fact my only job was peeling off the sticky plastic at the back! (Yeah no glue was needed at all every component had it's own sticky tab! ) 

The kit contained pom-poms, eyes , stickers and other spongey elements! And this is what he made! 

Seven little Pom Pom monsters!!!

I can't believe how well he did! And I can't quite believe how fuss less the kit was! No mess at all I'm definitely going to see of I can make up some of these for little holidays and trips! Although they might work well for parties too! 

I haven't really been making at the moment, mainly I've been ironing. Yawn 

Much love



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