Thursday, 9 October 2014

White suit refashion

Todays post is a refashion I started off with my mums old white suit. I think she brought this suit when I was about five? so were talking the nineties here! It was a very expensive suit and well loved , but sadly no longer used. Enter : youngest daughter! I quite happily took the suit off her, and although I think I'm going to keep the trousers as is (they are fully lined in a classic cut!) I decided the jacket needed a bit of a revamp!

This is how it started out, its a size 16 but to be honest I'd say its a pretty slim size wise closer to a twelve or a fourteen. it has side splits on each size and the buttons go down to about the waist, there are also four more buttons on the cuff of each sleeve (these are false buttons!)

Right that's enough of the dull stuff lets cut it up! First I took out the shoulder pads (by the way who looked at women's bodies and went "shoulders? they should be bigger? I mean I get boobs and bums but shoulders?) Anyhoo these weren't huge but because the jacket was a little bigger than me anyway they sat funny on my frame, plus they make me think about pillows, which in turn makes me sleepy.

next I very neatly stitched up the front placket of the jacket from underneath the buttons, and unpicked the sleeves and hemmed them.

But it didn't quite seem finished so I whipped out my machine and made a small lapel for each shoulder.

And then hand stitched them in, I found it far easier to hand stitch than use my machine in this item because of all the layers, I wanted to make sure that people could see that it was still a quality item even if it had been altered! after the lapels were sewn on I added one of the spare buttons from the sleeves to each one.

And being that I'm a saucy wench, I didn't sew up the side slits, instead I brought out one of my favourite items my white slip! I decided to leave them open so I would always have the option of using it as a top or dress!

WARNING: here comes the posing! And the awkwardness, and for some strange reason my guitar!

I've had the belt for years and sadly you cant see my cowboy boots, but they are the same ones I used during OWOP

There so pwetty!

here we have a side view, please ignore my serve paleness, I swear I'm not albino. I just don't doo well in sunlight.

I read somewhere that posing is easier of you have props but this one might me the most awkward of the bunch!

By the way I think I could definitely get a country album based solely on this shot right?

Or may be I'll just stick to sewing!

Much Love



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