Thursday, 23 October 2014

Why Grandma what big lies you tell!

Once upon a time a little girl visted her grandparents in Ireland (for anyone who's not following I'm the little girl) 

No sooner than she had walked through the door she was presented me with a beautiful handmade doll (did I mention this is based on a true story?)

I'd like to introduce you to Rose, a lovely fabric handmade doll that my grandmother gave me the first time I visited her and my grandfather in Ireland. 

She has a sweet little hat and cape (both hand sewn.

And apron and a dress as well as..... 

A little removable petticoat! Isn't she sweet! And everything on her is hand stitched by my grandmother. Apart from her hair, my grandmother had some help with this from a friend. 

I personally made this doll hundreds of outfits (none of them survived) and I think it's where I gathered my basic knowledge of clothing construction! And although she doesn't have any of my clothes I still have everything that came with the original doll. (Proud look at me looking atfer my toys moment)

See now you confused about the title! Yeah see I'm right aren't I?! Well you see as my grandma gave me this beautiful doll I remember quite clearly her saying "I made her just for you" you get that? 

"Just for you" 

Well that's funny grandma because I wasn't actually alive in 1982, I wasn't even brewing. In fact this doll was released 10 YEARS before I was born! 

I also love that she's from woman's weekly! Wonder if they still do things like this?

So grandma I think it's a little more likely that you started her for my big sister and didn't quite get her finished, and then picked her back up and finished her for me! 

Thanks though, I had great fun playing with her when I was younger, and I'm pretty sure I loved her and enjoyed her better than my big sister ever would have done! You have been better off sewing her a motorbike.

Much love

A nostalgic 



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  1. That's so funny! Delightful nonetheless :)

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