Sunday, 26 October 2014

I want to play a game.....

Mr Knitwit loves horror movies, and after a little while I've learnt to love them aswell. I'm not a huge fan if blood and gore (he is) but I do like the ones where's there's a good phycological plot. 

Now the "saw" movies cover both bases, there dammed disgusting but there's actually a really good story behind them! 

Anyway they are mr knitwits favourite movies so when he found the #sawartchallenge being advertised on Facebook his first words were: 

"Art? You could do that!"
"You know if you want"
"I'm not bothered , if your not busy" 
"But have you umm seen the prize" 

So being a soft touch and the worlds best girlfriend I did this for him and entered! 

The brief was to do a piece of art inspired by the world if saw! Not bad for a mornings work! 

I'm not getting my hopes up though I've seen some really awesome stuff so far, including a beautiful oil painting of the main character! 

Much love



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