Monday, 27 October 2014

10 things I wish I'd known/thought of before I started my own buisness

I went out last Friday and was very much surprised when my friend describes me as owning my own business. I very nearly spat my lemonade (I was driving) at him to be quite honest. And then I thought, well I make things and those people but those things, and if they want something making they ask me and I make it? And then I looked at my accounts book (back off mr tax man trust me it's nothing to write home about) and although I'm not rolling in it, I mean your not gonna see me driving a BMW any time soon but I am making money! Actual money! (Yet again mr tax man seriously! I'm not even close!)

So that's makes me I guess a albeit small  business owner.... I guess .... If you think about it. 

And well I kinda like it , I guess I just didn't realise how much work it would be running at one woman company! So here's my 10 things I wish I'd thought about!

Disclaimer: these are for purely comic value, trust me I am no Alan Sugar, for starters I'm much prettier! 

1• it will take over your life, I'm not joking! I once thought I might find the time to jog twice a week, my trainers are pristine! If you get my drift! Now I have to work by hierarchy! Little Knitwit, knitwits owls, boring household crap! 

2• it's all in the name! I spent months trying to think of a good name , and I'm glad I did! I use it for everything, email,twitter,Instagram,blog,etsy,Pinterest! Next on my list if Facebook! But to be honest that's a bit scary for me, becuase then more people that I actually know will know that this is what I'm actually doing! 

3• you will need support! From the ones who cheerlead to the ones who quietly praise you when you don't know, it's nice to have people around who say "hell yeah you can do this!" 

And if you can dress them in funny clothes? Even better! 

4• you don't have to spend money! 

See those? My little business cards? Printed by my mum on paper that's slightly thicker than normal! Do I want proper buisness cards? YEAH! Do I think they are cost effective now? NO! Do these home spun ones tell people the exact same information? Yerp they sure do! Don't be afraid to cut costs every now and again! 

5• don't be afraid to spend money! (See what I did there with four and five being opposites?)

Hands down the best desicion Ive made was to buy some cushion inserts and some embroidery hoops. They are both very popular items! Don't know why it took me so long to trust my instincts !

6• know your worth! Yes this means maths! I have lists of how long and what materials I use! So I know what everything costs! Stick to your prices! Yes some people might not be willing to pay £15 for a hand knitted owl! BUT I've sold a lot of them to people who are! Don't sell yourself short because a friend wants a bargain! 

7• be nice to customers! We are not talking automated service here! I mean we're not corporate! But a , please , thank you and a smile never hurt anyone! 

8• don't harass! It's very rare I share my blog posts on Facebook, instead I like to see other people sharing if they like what I've written! And I don't always share my makes either! Although if you follow me on Instagram you will find lots of pictures of what's going through my sewing machine! And the little guy who lives on top! 

9• keep up to date! Sometimes you'll be sat twiddling your thumbs and other times you'll have a list of orders! DONT PANIC! I like to work in order of what's come in. And I start immediately! No faffing around! Remember customers appreciate comunication! It gives them confidence in you! 

10• have fun! So it all goes west and nobody buys anything? Aww well hard luck! This is a once in a lifetime thing! Try and think of it as doing it becuase you love doing it! Not becuase you want to make money! Money is what keeps the corporate world spinning. Friendship, creativity, respect and heart is what keeps the small buisness world going! And remember if it's all getting to much just have a giggle, at yourself or at someone else, just let it go and enjoy your time! 

Much love! 

And good luck in the big bad world! 


An official (small)(very small) business owner! 


P.s it's official because a man at the pub said it! And those guys know everything! 

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  1. I branched out onto etsy this month, and facebook 3 days ago. Haven't sold anything yet, but I'm still hopeful. As for the facebook thing and people knowing what you're doing? I was terrified! I tend to hide away all my crafty stuff except for a few friends and family who know me very very well. But I actually had a good response on fb! And people are saying I should've gotten on there sooner! I got to 100 likes in a day and a half, and I don't even know most of those people so it's not like I've bribed anyone lol. Get on there, you won't regret it :)


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