Saturday, 25 October 2014

Spoiling myself!

Every now and again a girls gotta spoil herself right? Well I had to at least! 

I brought myself this cute little bag from amazon, the description said owl but I think it looks like a fox? Am I right or just going crazy? 
It's quite a good size and the quality isn't too bad for not I paid for it (literally a few pounds)

In other news I've started ANOTHER embroidery! Yes it's an addiction, no I don't want to enter your program.

This is my outline it's loosely based on an  image I found on Pinterest that has since disappeared! 

As it's so whimsical I'm gonna try and stash bust my embroidery threads on this one. 

Yerp that's all the left overs from a LOT of projects , I don't like throwing things away okay? Yes I acknowledge this is also a problem . No I don't want help with this either. 

It's not very far along at the moment becuase I've been super busy with orders! Yerp my order book is filling up for Christmas!  I'm willing to give anything a go (you in the back stop giggling) so email me if you have a project! I'm only taking on projects I know I can have done on time so I don't know how long my order books will open for! You can reach me at and remember no project is too big or small!!

Much love 




  1. My embroidery thread look a lot like that! Loving the bag - I agree it looks like a fox too :)

    1. That's what I thought but then people kept saying it looked like an owl and I was like oh? Hmmm spose it's just a matter of opinion


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