Sunday, 19 October 2014

Starting on Delphine!

Okay so today I.......

Got ready to visit my big sister 

Selfies happened! 

Visited my sister took a good look at the pattern we will be making together! 

Consumed Krispy kremes 

Watched little Knitwit play drums 

And traced and started cutting out the delphine skirt from love at first stitch! 

I managed to squeeeeeeeze it out of the last of my grandfathers suit material!!! (Which kind of makes me sad becuase now I only have scraps left ) 

I cannot believe this pattern only requires one metre of fabric! And in my humble opinion more patterns should use this amount! It's gonna make for a very purse friendly pattern! 

I've cut all if the pieces now and in itching to start sewing! 

I hate it when I have to stop and start however it does mean I take more care and pride in what I'm doing so end up with a better garment! 

Now I just need to decide what to do as my variation! After having a good wardrobe rummage, I'm desperately trying to make myself some more wearable clothes! Especially with winter coming! 

I also made a start on little knitwits Halloween costume! I was going to buy one but they all just look so cheap and tacky and there never seems to be much for boys his age! They are either terrifying or babyish! And he didn't want to be anything scary (actually he wanted to be a football but we've compromised) 

Anyways hopefully I'll have a finished delphine to show you tommorrow! 

Much love



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