Sunday, 5 October 2014

Not a saggy bottom in sight!

A long time ago I used to go belly dancing and I had the most beautiful pair of velvet trousers to wear for it, baggy and bohemian! However I don't have much call for bohemian trousers now, so they found themselves I the recycling pile!

Until I had a flick through my Great British Sewing Bee book and thought to myself,

Leggings could work, why throw them away when I could just refashion myself a new pair of snazzy leggings ?

So I got a cracking!

I'm so sorry for these first two photos I took them on my phone!

Here's how they started! They had an elasticated waistband with belt loops which fit beautifully so I thought I'd keep the elastic and loops. Then I measured my ankle, which was roughly half the width of the bottom of each leg and marked it with a pin. and them quite simply drew a line from the middle of each bottom leg to the top edge of the waistband, using a plank of wood long ruler.

And boom! Velvet leggings! They do fit really nicely all the way down! (next time I have a warm body at my disposal I'll get them to take a full length picture!)

The only problem I have now is how in hells name do I wear them? They are a dark wine colour, but I was thinking of using them for the nursery run so I don't want them to look to dressy which is hard with velvet!

I kind of like them with my Kimono jacket, but it does make me look very bohemian!

Of course I had to make sure they would pass muster for May and Patrick!

Not a saggy bottom in sight! Although if Patrick wants to come round and check personally I won't mind at all!

Hurrah for refashioning!

Much Love



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