Saturday, 4 October 2014


Okay so the plan was to show you the extra rows of awesome knitting that I did yesterday! That was until I realised I'd knitted ooooh about 25 - 30 rows from an entirely different pattern and had to rip it all back. Yeah that happened , honestly a little tear came out of my eye. But I'm back on track and armed with a post it so I know what I'm doing! 

I think the ticks are from my third possibly fourth attempt at this pattern and the writing on the post it, is from my first! 

Other than this I've been fixing one of my birthday presents, 

My lovely mummy and daddy brought this all the way back from Spain for me on the back of a motorbike, I snapped one of the ears off within 10 minutes of reviving him! (I then snapped the other one off but that's another story!) 

But I got out the super glue and he looks much happier now! 

Isn't he cute!?

Much love 



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