Saturday, 1 November 2014

I wanna be the very best!

As promised here is lil knitwits Halloween costume (he didn't want his picture taken!) 
He didn't want to be a ghost/mummy/vampire/skeleton/Frankenstein 

He wanted to be a Pokemon! It's his favourite show at the minute. Now I know your suppose to be scary at Halloween but he wanted to be a Pokemon trainer and I tend to think there's enough scary things in the world as it is! 

Sadly he didn't get many sweets becuase nobody was opening doors in our area! Which upset me a bit considering we give out sweets every year! Anyway after I had texted mr Knitwit how disappointed we had both been (little Knitwit actually started crying becuase no one was answering the door)  he came in from his night shift with some extra sweeties for little Knitwit and some flowers for me! 

Anyway even though Halloween was a disaster I thought I'd show you what I've been working on! 

I seem to be getting into the habit of making my mum something every year! What can I say she loves Christmas! Althought she might get a little something else this year aswell becuase I made this up as an example for an order! 

Anyway how was your Halloween? 

Much love 



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  1. Aww that's made me sad :( He can trick or treat us next time you come to visit, we always have sweets :) xxx


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