Monday, 20 October 2014

The best laid plans....

Okay so the plan was to finish my delphine skirt today, take a few gawky photos of me in it and then sit down and relax whilst congratulating myself on a job well done. 

That didn't happen, I encountered some ahem, problems.

For starters this happened

Yes folks that a right side to WRONG side seam , so that had to be unpicked.

Then I had to improvise my zip a bit becuase I couldn't be bothered to go out and buy and invisible one, so I just used what I had. And to make matters worse my zipper foot is missing in action!

I'm neatly stitching it down so it becomes invisible! 

I also had to take time out today to complete two orders! 

These are a set of my floating wine glass coasters (I'll go into detail about these tommorrow) 

Don't you just love the packaging though!!!! Super cute! 

Right I'm off for a well earned rest! Bashing out two orders in one night isn't easy!

Much love



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